Monday, May 8, 2006

Soccer Dad (Part II)

Olivia scored her first goal this weekend. It was awesome! (and, I don’t use that word very often)

We played a team that we were fairly evenly matched against, in both size and skill level, and before the game, I had a nice talk with the opposing coach. We were both in agreement that the purpose of the game was for the girls to have fun, get some exercise, and to learn about soccer. With that we got down to business.

I was the on-field coach for our side, since Coach Debbie was out of town for the weekend (in our league and age division, both coaches are allowed on the field to direct and teach their players), so I was not only directing the girls, I was doing substitution as well.

Although we were down two players, making the girls play longer, they gave a good account of themselves.

Olivia’s goal came on a breakaway that started near our own goal, she kicked the ball out of the scrum and dribbled past two opposing players, drove all the way downfield and kicked the ball into the back of the net!

I was so excited. Olivia was even more excited. Being the coach, I had to restrain my urge to sweep her onto my shoulders and parade her down the field. As it was, my “Great job Olivia!!!” had to suffice.

Friends, I am as proud of my daughter as any dad could be, but I was proud of all of the girls… we didn’t win the game, but I felt like we did. Alison, and tiny Alexandra (also a first year player) also scored great goals. All of the girls played with spirit and courage, they didn’t quit, even when they were really winded.

What a great day!

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WordsRock said...

You make me miss the days when my son was that age!

Enjoy it, Dad. :)