Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Days You Just Have To....

...back away.

No, I don't mean from blogging... I'm addicted, but what I meant was that from time to time I have to stop talking about Domestic Violence, Pictures, dog rescue, Larry Craig, George Bush, and the myriad things that I talk about here.

Sometimes you have to stop talking about soccer, rugby, sex, racial and sexual bigotry in the church... and outside of it. Sometimes I want need do do what I am doing right now: Sometimes you just need to take a minute to get down with your (seriously) bad self!

(and believe it, I am a bad MoFo!, just like Shaft!)

So! You know this song, get out of your chair, and shake your tail feather a little bit.

You'll be glad you did.

That goes for you, too!

Yeah, you... the repressed lady in the Midwest!

Sing it! "Uh! It's gettin' hot in here!"

Lighten up, Francis! I'll bet even the ordained clergy reading this are dancing!

C'mon... You people in Australia... do it upside down! You New Zealanders, you friggin' blew the Rugby World Cup (and got beaten by FRANCE????) you blokes NEED to dance... do the Haka or something. Crikey!


You, too, Canucks... you know I love you, and there is probably 14 feet of snow in Saskatoon, but dance anyway! Do it like Jean Chretien (because you KNOW Stephen Harper can't dance!)

"I like when you uh!-uh! With a little bit of uh-uh!"

See you tomorrow!



Amie Adams said...

This made me laugh in just a perfect way today.

CamiKaos said...


dawn224 said...

The baby started giggling as soon as the music started!

Anonymous said...

Tailfeathers shaking as we speak.

Gunfighter said...

Glad to hear it, ML!


Shake it, baby!


Glad the baby smiled.


Go girl!

soccer mom in denial said...

Darn. I put the kids to bed too early. They would've LOVED this.

And I know Harper who can dance....

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Is it wrong that I LOVE this song?!

"Girl...I think my butt gettin big!"

Wait...that part's not funny! :)

PunditMom said...

Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

I just sat down from shaking my tail feathers. My dog was getting scared watching me jiggle to the tunes...

And dude, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can see Harper's invisible stick shoved up his arse...

Anonymous said...

I watched New Zealand get beat. Mick was over and put it on. We both rooted for them, but alas it was not to be. I can definitely see what you like about that sport. I even had a dream the next week that my older sister was a rugby player. Very odd.

Jackie said...

If ever there was a bad mother (watchyourmouth) it's you, GF! :-)

Desert Songbird said...

'kay - I learned something new. I must have volume turned on when I visit your blog. My default is to have volume turned off, but for you I will turn it ON!

Gunfighter said...


Leaving it up until tonight, when your kids can get the chance to see it and dance!


That song is a guilty pleasure of mine as well... go for it!


You guys should vote his party out, just because he is such a tight-ass.


Careful, dear friend, rugby is highly addictive.


In my business that is high praise, and I thank you for it.

Devra said...

Now you've cemented it. I will have to video myself and the guy I used to work with singing this song. The origin of our duet is the year Nelly released that song Jeremy and I were working at a summer camp in the Ozarks where the temperature was hell, only with more humidity. All summer long we sang that song. Following our stint at the camp, we were both working together during the year for a youth program. We both realized how ingrained the song was when we were chaperoning a youth group dance and the song came on and we both began singing our parts without making eye contact. Totally spontaneous. I think it needs to go on YouTube. I'll keep you posted. Or if you ever make it to a happy hour, I can sing it then. : )

Jen said...

This was my German exchange daughter's fave song towards the end of her exchange year. She and my then 9-year-old DS would get down with their bad selves singing with this and dancing in the back seat of the car. It's the perfect dance song, but I can't ever get that image out of my head...

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

ahh haaa..
my McCaw Sunnie was "gettin down"..
bobbing his head and saying..
"who.... who.... who...."

he dances everytime music is playing...
he loves that "Shake your Tailfeather" song too..
he GETS DOWN BIG TIME during that song..

Lisa Johnson said...

Nice post! Sometimes you just want to dance! ; )