Thursday, October 4, 2007

CD Review: Sara Bareilles - Little Voice

Have any of you ever heard of this young woman?

I confess that I never had until a few weeks ago, when Mrs Gunfighter brought home this CD that she bought on a whim. The song that you are listening to now, is the first song on her recently released cd, titled Little Voice.

Sara Barielles (pronounced Ba-rell-is) is from Humboldt County, Californina and attended UCLA. Her music has been compared to that of Fiona Apple, Nora Jones and other female songstresses. Some of hose may be fair comparisons... but that in no way diminishes the talent of this young singer-songwriter.

I could go on and on about Bareilles' raw talent and driving piano-playing, but I don't have to, you can hear it for yourself.

If you are of a mind to trust me, trust me when I tell you that if you buy this cd you will be really glad you did.



jessabean said...

I've been itching for some new music lately...I'll have to go to iTunes tonight and check her out. Thanks for the recommendation!

Gunfighter said...

Give it a try Jess, I think you'll like it. The whole CD is really goood.

soccer mom in denial said...

Now I see why you wanted me to add her to the 25 year list I'm making. I like her voice.

Hey, how DO you get songs to play spontaneously? I could've used that feature a few (million) times.

Anonymous said...

if any one doesn't know wether they shouid buy this cd YOU DEFINATELY SHOULD!I first heard her on a talk show.i don't know which one I think it was conan, i'm not sure there so many these days!i heard "love song" and it never left my mind.2 months later i went through wal-martand saw a cd that said "including the hits lovesong & gravity".i still remembered hearing it, so I got.the 1st time i heard the whole cd(after replaying lovesong for awhile). i didn't like it much but i kept listening to it, i started loving more and more i was listening to i wonder how i ever didn't like it but thats how i the end i lived happliy ever after.VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!so for any wonderers out there about this cd don't wonder any more get it and i promise you will be SO EXTREMELY HAPPY you got it!seriously get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!