Friday, October 19, 2007

Some Thoughts on Politics

A few thoughts on the world of politics from where I sit. Please note that it is Friday, and I am still semi-sick, so forgive me if I am less than artful in my presentation.

Item: Larry Craig refuses to resign from the Senate, citing his appeal to a judge to have his conviction, based on admission of guilt rescinded. Senator Craig does not allege that he was beaten, coerced, or enforced, or otherwise "made" to confess to a crime... he just wants to "clear his name" . Well, a Minnesota judge said that since Craig wasn't alleging that there was any misconduct on the part of the airport cops, that there was no reason to grant the appeal.

Craig is appealing again.


Note to Senator Craig: You are guilty, sir. Face it. You concealed your arrest and admission of guilt from the Senate, in contravention of Senate rules. You know that you won't withstand the ethics investigation, so step up, be a man, and resign!

Item: What the fuck is wrong with the Democratic party? Do we smell so much blood in the water for the next election cycle that we are bent on nominating one of the sodding idiots that gave George Bush permission to invade Iraq?

Not with my help, pal.

Item: The Prince William County (Va.) Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of enacting a resolution to use County employees to deny use of County facilities to those persons who cannot produce documentation of their legal residential status in the United States. Further, the County police will begin a program of checking the immigration status of any individual who is suspected of any crime, including traffic violations.

Alright. I want everyone that is reading this, to dig into your pockets and show me your documents that give you the right to reside or work in the United States.

I'll wait.

Nobody? That's what I thought. This piece of legislation is racist. In addition to being racist, it won't stand a legal challenge. Further, the county doesn't have the money to really enforce the new ordinance. "So... why do it?" you ask? Because our next election is just over two weeks away, and what better way to cement the electorate than with a good ol' "us against THEM", fear-mongering campaign? It's f***ing disgusting.

Item: The newly installed chief of Air Force acquisitions was recently found dead in his home, of an apparent suicide. The appointment of the retired Air Force officer was under investigation for ethics violations due to the fact that he had been awarded a contract by a firm with deep ties to the Air Force. The purpose of the contract was to give him some working cash in the time between his retirement and the start of his appointment... a period of approx. 4 months. The problem is that the gentleman in question was paid a considerable sum of money... but did no work for the company.


Item: Happy Hour plans are underway, here in DC. If you didn't get the memo, let me know. (Hey, in DC EVERYTHING is political!)

Item: George W. Bush vetoed the expansion of S-Chip. If you aren't outraged by this administration, you aren't really paying attention.

Have a good weekend!



jessabean said...

As usual, avid agreement from this corner. Especially about happy hour!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm permanently enraged by this administration. It's the energizer bunny of evil.

Fourier Analyst said...

If this is what you are going to be blogging about on Friday's I'm going to start skipping you until Mondays. You are just trying to ruin my weekend by pissing me the f*** off!! Permanently enraged is an understatement...

And I am seriously jealous that I can't enjoy a Happy Hour with you!

Gunfighter said...

Well, Happy Hour is needed from time to time... chums should enjoy each other's company when they can.
If you ever get to this part of the planet, FA...

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Happy hour? That's MY kind of politics!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

My opinion:

I say good for for Prince William County. Thank goodness there are finally cities taking care of business and starting to enforce our current Federal Immigration Laws.

I am happy to hear that Arizona and Sheriff Arpaio are cracking down, too.

I wish Las Vegas would do the same thing. We are an "unofficial" sanctuary city.

We need to put an end to sanctuary cities and put an end to the "anchor babies" nightmare.

Most of my friends are in the healthcare field and say our hospitals are being financially drained b/c of the influx of illegal aliens. Doctors have to pay out of their own pocket for interpretors ....(they should learn our language)

Illegals get all their healthcare at no charge to them, while Americans are being charged exorbitant healthcare charges to pay for it ~ or the tax payers flip the bill.

We are paying for those that don't pay. That is what I've been told by several healthcare professionals and politicians.

Our public schools here are a mess, a lot because so many kids here do not speak English.

90% of the traffic violators in our traffic courts are illegal aliens driving without car insurance... oh, but they have an "international license".. what is that?

Mike was rear ended by a drunk illegal alien while on duty...
of course, no license and no car insurance.... they never even went to court... We pay for that.

Illegal is illegal.

We need to secure our dang borders and cut off the magnet. Cut off the social benefits that we tax payers pay for... benefits that should be going to American citizens.

Punish the greedy employers that hire illegals. They are the only ones benefitting ~ it's certainly not the taxpayers or citizens.

Not to mention the fact that most illegal aliens are using stolen identities and screwing up the lives of 9 million Americans.

It is not racist at all. I have lots of friends that are Hispanic ... they were born here. They are against illegal immigration as well. Does that make them racist against their own race?

My great grandparents were immigrants from Germany ... they assimilated into society, learned the English language and came over legally.

To me... it's enforcing our current laws that hasn't been done in 20 to 30 years.

No problem if they come over in an orderly manner and LEGALLY.
Oh, and pay their own way.

Oh well, all this doesn't matter because the Illegal Alien Civil Liberties Union will just sue everyone who tries to enforce our laws.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh, and if someone came and asked for my ID... I'd show them my valid Nevada Drivers License.
That proves that I'm legal.

Gunfighter said...

Like clockwork.

If you produced a valid driver's licencse, all you would have produced is avalid licencense to drive. That ISN'T proof of valid residence.

As for "anchor babies", you'd better thank merciful Christ that we have such a thing. If you are a 2nd generation American whose grandparents came from Germany, it is likely that they came after the first or second world war. Maybe we should have kept THEM out, because after all, the only good German is a dead German. Germans have caused this country more in blood and treasure than any group of people than anyone in our history.

As a matter of fact, we'd better start checking on you, Terri... God only knows if you are legal, born here or not, right?

When it is time to start paying for all of this Gestapo stuff (yet another German concept!) I hope we won't hear you whining about the amount of taxes that have to be reaised to do it.

Teresa said...

I'm not typically one to defend in any way closeted homophobic Republicans, but I feel that the discrepancy between the Senate's treatment of Larry Craig and David Vitter is absurd. Castigate both or neither, but treat moral transgressions equally, whether heterosexual and homosexual in origin.

Teresa said...

OK, wow, I didn't even read the comments before diving in, but then I did.

Folks who bitch and scream about all the "illegals" presumably taking over the universe exercise sickeningly selective hearing/listening/learning. When y'all get off your soapbox about illegal aliens draining our resources, take a moment to think about all the money they pour into the system. A vast number of "undocumented" workers work under false documents—no, not your stolen identity; forged documents—and pay taxes into systems like Social Security and Medicaid that they will absolutely never benefit from. I'm not saying you have to like undocumented workers; I'm just saying get your facts straight and make a thoughtful argument that doesn't resort to hysteria and hate rhetoric.

Much love—

A California native who grew up surrounded by undocumented workers and never met a single one with as much hate in their souls as those who rail against them

Gunfighter said...


The difference between Craig's conduct and Vitter's is this: Craig was arrested and conessed to a crime and was convicted. He sought to conceal this from the U.S. Senate, in contravention of Senate rules.

VItter, on the other hand was discovered to have used the services of an "escort".... OK, in realspeak, he purchased the services of a prostitute. Legal? nope, but when he was caught out, he made no effort to conceal it. Further, his crime was detected after the fact and no arrest or citation was made.

The buzz over Craig is less about his orientation than it is about his activities post-arrest.

I don't thikn it would be any different... or maybe it would have been worse if Craig had been cruising a women's bathroom.

...and what you said about illegal immigreation... I'd like to associate myself with your remarks.

Charming Driver said...

Yeah, what Bill said.

And HHHHHHHAHAHHAHAHAHA @ a driver's license as proof of citizenship. HAHAHAHHAHA.

And also, if illegals are that much of a burden to your delicate sensibilities, please do ensure that you aren't supporting their being here by purchasing only goods and services made with one hundred percent verified American labor. Yes that includes all produce, furniture, house plants, cars, gas/fuel and clothes. Just, um, check their license. Right? Riiiiiiiiight.

Melanie said...

Hmmm for some reason I thought you were going to sound off on the schools giving children BC pills... I guess thats not officially politics, huh??!!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

What are you talking about?????

When I got my Nevada drivers license, I needed my certified Virginia birth certificate showing I was born in the United States and I needed my original social security card.

Illegal aliens can not get a "valid" Nevada drivers license.
That's why their running around Vegas w/ "international licenses".

I will not change your mind on illegal aliens ... and you will not change my mind.

I am sick of paying for illegals.
End of story.

If they came here ... paid their fair share of taxes and paid their own medical and their own way ...
I would not be so upset over it...

They are entering this country illegally ... breaking our law.... they are illegal... criminals....
they need to go home.. and come back legally.

I can bet you have never sat 10 hours in an ER with illegal aliens getting free healthcare b/c they use the ER as their primary doctor... trust me.. we have more than a few times.....

you were never told YOUR baby won't get a heart transplant unless you had $100,000 cash up front JUST to be placed on a waiting list ... but the next week a baby of an illegal got a fully paid for transplant... by us taxpayers... Like I said before... I watched babies of illegals go home w/ full medical benefits all while WE did not qualify... or qualify for private insurance....

Yep.. I am angry ... and I would bet you would be angry if YOU had experienced what I experienced in the hospitals...
oh and w/ my husband being hit by a drunk illegal.... w/no car insurance...

I say take care of tax paying AMERICAN'S FIRST.

That does not make me wrong.