Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bloggers Night Out.

To make along story short, we had a fine time last night.

We gathered at popular Capitol Hill watering hole, the Hawk 'n Dove, which was a favorite place of mine when I was a much younger man, living on The Hill back in the late 80's and early '90s.

It is always a great time when you get to meet such nice, like-minded, fellow bloggers.

Here are the great folks I got to meet last night... some for the very first time:

Devra Renner
Unquiet Heart (and cool dude, Chris!)
Mamma Loves
Flower Child
Madame Meow

I would go on at great length, but I spent all day at a soccer tournament, and I am friggin' beat.

Must sleep.




Fourier Analyst said...

Congratulations as you have made it over halfway thru the NaBlowPornoShow (or whatever they call it!) I know it has not always been easy, especially for a multi-tasking crime fighter like yourself. But I applaud your efforts and wish for you lots of lovely things the blog about the rest of the month! And also wishing you (early) a very Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure and spare a thought for those ex-pats who do not have the chance to celebrate (and maybe eat an extra helping of something traditional in our honor)!

Kim said...

Don't think I'm not actually considering your offer. I'll go just about anywhere there's Bud.

It was so great meeting you the other night!

Wholly Burble said...

GREAT--sounds like you all had a good time. Perhaps you'll be able to do it again, and more will be able to show up. Now I just need that jet "on call" and I could be there too!

soccer mom in denial said...

What? You don't hear me down there?

I'll be a little louder.


That's mean, crying.

Jodi said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. I have had the craziest couple of weeks. I'm hoping things calm down soon!

kris said...

That was a good time. :) Thanks again for being our cruise director!!!!

Gunfighter said...

Cruise Director??

You don't expect me to dress up like Julie McCoy next time, do you?

Flower Child said...

It's fun to hang out with 3-dimensional people!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm so jealous. One of these days I'm going to make it DC way. Don't know many on the list, but if you and Flower Child would be there, that would be enough.

Glad you all can do that!