Saturday, November 3, 2007

Read This Blog!

Many of you, who have been reading my blog for a while know this person's blog. You know it because you have seen her many thoughtful, cogent comments about the foolishness that I often post about,

For those of you that haven't visited her yet, be sure to do so. If you are anything like me, you like smart. This lady is smart.

Her name, well, her nom de internet is Soccer Mom in Denial, but since that takes a long to type (for a poor typist like me), many of her readers reduce that lengthy moniker to SMID.

Good blog-pal SMID is a humble woman who has true social conscience. She cares about the less fortunate, and although she is a physically gentle person, is a true and tough warrior for social justice. I admire her for her passion and dedication to the cause.

SMID is also dedicated to her rugby-playing husband, whom she calls "Amazing Guy" and her three children, all of whom she is raising to be sensitive, culturally aware, questioning, thinking people.

She also takes a great interest in photography, something she shares with us (along with a fellow blogger, about whom I'll talk about later in the month via second blog) at Looking Into.

Thanks for sharing so much with us, SMID, you're a bit of alright.


Hey! Why are you still here?

Go to her blog. Now!


Heather said...

I was lucky enough to be paired with her during the last blog exchange that I participated in. She's a great writer and (from what I can tell of my limited internet interaction with her) a great person too. (I say that because she wrote me some very flattering emails!)

Yes, go read her!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I agree 100 times over! and I just was at her blog, where I am almost every day!

Wholly Burble said...

Thanks so much for the introduction. I went, read, and can see from the posts I've read already that she is a remarkable person. Now I have another "favorites" to check out. I am having fun this month getting to know those in the blogspot community. Nice neighbors! Again, thanks for the intro.

Jenn in Holland said...

Amen, brother! You know how I adore her, it's true. I wholeheartedly support your support of SMID!

soccer mom in denial said...

How did I miss this?!? Jen of a2etc told me. You are just too kind. Thanks for the words. Coming from you it means alot.

Makes up for the lack of comments. You've been awful quiet lately.