Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Don Imus Thing (pt. 2)

So, Don Imus has returned to the airwaves.

I have to tell you this, his return leaves me cold.

I know, I know, he said bad things. I know. I know he is an ass. I know that I would never invite him to my home for dinner because I think he is a boor.

I get it. You already know how I feel about the subject of his comments if you read part one.

Listening to the callers on C-Span's Washington Journal, yesterday, I get the feeling that a lot of people understand WHY Imus is back on the air.

If you are one of them (and I am sure you are not... all of you are much smarter than me), I am going to explain it in very simple terms. Are you ready?

Here it is:

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It's because he makes lots, and LOTS of these for his employers.

It really is a matter of simple math. The majority of the people who would call themselves fans of that assclown are people that wouldn't stop listening to his program because of those stupid comments vis a vis the Rutgers women's basketball team. Advertisers? They like controversial people... as long as their controversies don't reflect negatively on them.

So... what, then?

Imus makes money for those who would pimp him out. Isn't that the American way? Imus is popular, and some people want to listen to him spew... so what? Let them listen.

Let's not get too worked up over it, ok?


Annie said...

I will never understand why anyone would want to listen to him. Even before the whole controversy over what he said - he has to be one of the most irritatingly and boring broadcasters - I do not see the appeal, at all!

Flower Child said...

These days the only thing I listen to is NPR. I remember Imus from way back when in NY. Can't say I have any reason to find him again.

weese said...

couldn't agree more.
I don't like the man personally.
I made that decision years ago -and so no waste no energy on him whatsoever.
I actually didn't know he was back.

Grandmere said...

Never have listened to him. Never will. Just reading about him or listening to others comment on him offends me, he deserves to be totally ignored. But the almighty $ will always win.

Jodi said...

I know, I find it all so disgusting. I feel the same way about Stern, and Limbaugh.

Desert Songbird said...

Imus and his ilk are paid very good money to spew their vitriol. I'm not saying it's all true or all fiction; I'm just saying they are paid to say that stuff to stir up the masses.

It's a business, you know?

Wholly Burble said...

I cannot recall where on TV I saw him, but it was a few years ago--I believe commenting on an election. I vaguely knew who he was--but had never heard him speak before. My remembrance was, he looked like a character. He made me think of a few college profs I've known over the years, especially back in the sixties and early seventies, who wanted to "look interesting" I guess for lack of how else to explain it.

Anyway, I cannot recall much of my impression of what he said, just his looks--and thinking people must be attracted to the over-all look. That must mean what he said didn't stick with me LOL.

I will find it very easy to let another fifty-eight years pass without him in my life. His advertisers make no money off of me.

soccer mom in denial said...

I'm with FC on this one. I won't go hunting for him.

And won't waste energy even thinking about him. Barely knew he was back.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Like Flower Child, I remember him from NYC in the 60s/70s. Hated him then, hated him now.

And I agree with your part one except I'd amend it to lack of respect for any group, anything misogynist, racist, etc. is just disgusting. Period.

Including Imus, but including a lot of others in the entertainment world.

Suzanne said...

Ha! I didn't even know he was back on the air, but it does not surprise me.

However, I think the LOA principle applies here: Things to which we give our attention and focus, grow. And nowhere is it truer than in this sitation.

So, he's back on the air? Whatever...