Friday, July 14, 2006

100 Things

1. I love to read.
2. I read alot.
3. I usually read sci-fi or military/nautical fiction.
4. I have tons of books.
5. I don’t have as many books as Susan.
6. Despite my tough-guy image, I am a romantic at heart.
7. I sometimes get choked up during sappy movies.
8. I avoid sappy movies like the plague.
9. I have a huge violent streak in me.
10. I never let anyone see it.
11. My job satisfies the violence that uncle sam taught me at 17.
12. I think violence is usually learned behavior.
13. I shouldn’t whine about it. I am what I am.
14. Truthfully, I make a good living from violence.
15. Theoretical violence, not applied violence.
16. My comradeship with violence sometimes collides with my faith.
17. I love children.
18. Especially mine.
19. I love dogs.
20. All dogs.
21. Especially retired racing Greyhounds.
22. I want a new dog.
23. My neighbor has an sweet pit-bull named Darla. I love that dog… and she loves me.
24. Rugby is my favorite sport.
25. Rugby is the best sport in the world.
26. A good backscratch is almost better than sex.
27. No. I’m not joking.
28. It is stupid to believe terrorism is caused by anyone’s hatred of freedom.
29. My maternal grandmother is my favorite person.
30. She is a saint.
31. It will very nearly kill me when she dies.
32. she is nearly 87.
33. Plenty of time, I hope.
34. I believe compulsory military service would be a good thing.
35. Without loopholes for the wealthy.
36. I was married to a woman that I had no business being married to.
37. I hope she and her husband are happy.
38. I have been married for 12 years now.
39. To a brilliant historian.
40. Who is scary smart.
41. Like a Wizard.
42. She is a genuine smartass... and I like that.
43. She is also a great mom.
44. She “gets” me. Few people do.
46. I’m a good boss.
47. My people like me, but more importantly, they respect me.
48. I hope I am not fooling myself.
49. I think invading a nation that isn’t threatening you is criminal and immoral.
50. I sometimes think that I should enter the clergy.
51. Late-life ordination isn’t uncommon in the ELCA Lutheran Church.
52. I always look forward to family vactions.
53. I like to dance.
54. I’m not a very good dancer.
55. Not being a good dancer doesn’t keep me from dancing.
56. I like to sing.
57. I sing in the shower.
58. I sing in the car.
59. I sing in my patrol car.
60. Sometimes that makes people laugh.
61. That makes me happy.
62. I like hymns
63. I like headbanger music.
64. Some people find that odd in a black man.
65. Generally speaking, I don’t give a shit what most people find odd.
66. I enjoy my life of contradictions.
67. Predictability is a bore.
68. I like teaching.
69. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a history teacher.
70. I still do.
71. I think Lee Harvey Oswald probably WAS a lone gunman. I could have made those shots.
72. I enjoy British television.
73. I want to visit Australia some day.
74. I have travelled quite a bit.
75. Some of those places I’d like to see again.
76. Especially Vancouver, BC.
77. I have a conformist's job, but I'm not always a conformist.
78. I enjoy good beer.
79. Especially malty, hoppy American made beers.
80. I’m very sociable.
81. I crave human contact.
82. My wife doesn’t.
83. I reckon that is part of the reason that I blog.
84. It works for me.
85. Socializing takes a lot of time.
86. I’m too busy.
87. I like take-out Chinese food.
88. From hole-in-the-wall places.
89. Eating pizza from Dominoes is a sin.
90. I’m respected in my career field.
91. I find basketball, baseball, and football intensely boring.
92. I wish our professional sports leagues weren’t havens for felons.
93. I wish the same about Congress.
94. I frequently wear kilts
95. That bothers some people.
96. I can get a way with it.
97. Being a big guy helps.
98. I need a new bed.
99. I like expensive Scotch.
100. My name is Bill, I’m pleased to meet you.


WenWhit said...

Nice to learn a little more about you, Bill - even if your view of sports is completely ass-backwards. ;p

There's lots I could comment on, but I'm going to stick with # 26 - a good backscratch IS the best.

the only daughter said...

Hello Bill. Good List.

I can relate some. (66 particularly.)
And pizza from Dominoes, totally.

Gunfighter said...

Have you ever seen a rugby match, Wendy? Hmm? Hmm?

Gunfighter said...

"There's lots I could comment on..."

Feel free.

WordsRock said...

Oh military and nautical fiction! I adore that genre. Do you like the Hornblower series? How about Alexander Kent? If you enjoy a little historical fantasy-genre with your military novels, you may enjoy a series by George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice & Fire.

Great list!

Gunfighter said...

I have indeed read both Forester's Hornblower series as well as Alexander Kent's Richard Bolitho novels, they were great! However, the best of the genre is to be found in Patrick O'Brien's Jack Aubrey novels. There are 20 of them, beginning with "Master & Commander" which was recently made into a film.

If you haven't seen the movie, don't sweat it. Read the books. You'll be glad you did.


WordsRock said...

I recently "inherited" the Patrick O'Brien series from my step-father. I have yet to delve in, but greatly anticipate doing so. Currently the tomes are lined up on my bookshelf awaiting attention.

I probably won't touch them until winter. Then I'll be curled up in my Lazy Boy in front of the fire plowing through them. Yes, I've seen the movie. More than once. Good stuff.

WenWhit said...

I know I've been slow to get back into the comment routine this week, but don't think I've forgotten you. :)

WenWhit said...

Okay - it's time.

Sci Fi/Nautical. Take a chance and delve into Fantasy/Nautical: The Liveship Series by Robin Hobb.

Your love for your wife and kids is evident, and one of your finest traits (from the outside looking in.) Your love for dogs is likewise deserving of high points. :)

No, I have never watched a game of rugby. Even if I were to adopt it at as an additional sport of interest, neither baseball nor football would be diminished in my eyes. I love my sports!

I admire your political views and your apparent comfort in expressing them. It is especially refreshing coming from a product of the mil. :)

The comfort to sing and laugh freely is a gift. I'm glad you possess it.

I enjoy cheap beer. ;p

I hope your grandmother is around for many, many years to come.

Thanks for sharing.

MQ said...

Interesting read. I found you through Nikki (Everyonecanbitemyass Nikki). I would love to know another place to buy Pizza, just for fun, but I must admit to liking Pizza Hut.

MQ said...

why did I capitalize the "p" in pizza? I'm tired :)

Oh, and I am a people person too. Unfortunately my husband and I both crave attention, and we end up competing at parties. Always entertaining for the guests...

Emma Sometimes said...

I like your list. Singing is good. Police work is good. Church is good. History and Patrick O'Brien are always good. :o)