Thursday, July 20, 2006

My "Weekend Off"

About 30 minutes ago, I dropped my wife and wee daughter of at National Airport for their trip to Wisconsin to see my In-Laws. I will have today through most of Sunday to myself.

Although I often think that having a few days where I don't have to cook; shop; pick-up from the babysitter, etc... Would be nice, to tell you the truth, I am going to be so bleeding busy, I won't have much time to really enjoy the peace.

Let's see what my schedule looks like:

Today I am teaching a class on the tactical employment of handguns in close-quarters combat. This evening, I will be doing some work with a federal SWAT team. When I get home, I have some yard work to do.

Friday: I am going home early to get started on more yard work, which will consume most of my day.

Saturday: I have to rehab Susan's garden, which has fallen on hard times, and power-wash the deck.

Sunday: Go to church (I am taking Susan's place as lay-reader in her absence), go to the airport and pick up my travelers.

God, it makes me tired already!


WordsRock said...

Yeesh. Makes me tired too, just reading about it.

Gunfighter said...


the only daughter said...

You don't *have* to cook, but do you?

With a weekend like this, do you even have time to eat?

Have fun. :)