Monday, July 31, 2006

Are We There Yet?

'Tis almost vacation time... and not a minute too soon.

Time for us to go away and spend some concentrated family time, sleep late, swim, hang out with Mickey Mouse & company, visit with friends that we haven't seen in a long time, and generally chill.

As usual, the last few weeks before vacation can be fraught with lots of irritation. Things like visits to/from parents and or in-laws; trees coming down in the yard; insane deadlines happening at work; bad employees that decide to take "emergency" leave when they have deadlines to meet; etc... What a pain in the ass!

Looking on the bright side, no matter what pisses me off, the clock won't stop ticking, and I will be Florida-bound this Friday morning.


TJ said...

How many days do you get to stay in Orlando? I love it there. Going to be hot and humid.

the only daughter said...

I have a love to take them/hate to return...

The countdown has begun, hope the week is easy does it for you.

Gunfighter said...


We will be in St simons Island, Georgia for two nights and then two full weeks in Orlando.

I can't wait!


I feel the same way... but I really need this time off, know what I mean?

Now... if I can only get through the staff meeting today.