Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Electoral Success (Crank That!)

Yesterday, Virginia voters continued a strengthening trend: The "Blueing" of a Red State.

Democrats now have a majority in the Virginia State Senate, and have eaten away much of the Republican majority in the House of Delegates.

Republicans in Virginia had better watch out, because Virginia is poised to fill the U.S. Senate seat of retiring John Warner in 2008... and it is looking ripe for the former Democratic Governor Mark Warner.

As happy as I am about this, I really need to talk about something else, today.

I am willing to bet that some of you have heard of the song called "Crank That (Souljah Boy)". As a matter of fact, some of you are probably already laughing to yourself, because you know what kind of popularity that this song has achieved. You probably already know (and have at least tried) the "Souljah Boy" dance.

I have to make a confession about my total ignorance about this phenomonon until just this past Monday. A reader of mine encouraged me to go to You Tube and do a search for "soldier boy dance". I did, and was greeted with no less than 33 pages of video clips of people doing this dance.

According to Wikipedia, this song was released in April of this year and reached number one on two separate charts.

Now, if you want to spend some time having a full belly-laugh, watch some of those videos! You will see black children doing this dance, white teenagers doing this dance, the University of Maryland Water Polo team, student councils, cheerleaders, Drum Majors, moms, GRANDmoms.... you name it, people are doing it. Just about everybody is doing this dance.

Everyone except me... and Mrs Gunfighter, too (I asked).

You know, I always liked to think that I was rather savvy about the trends in this country... popular culture holds a great deal of interest for me... but I completely missed this. WTF?

If you would like to learn now to "Crank" the Soldier Boy dance, see the instructional video here.

Oh, and I have no intention of "Cranking the Souljah Boy" at Happy Hour next week, so you can forget that!


Flower Child said...

I especially like the Barney version

Madame M. said...

Wow.... I'm so uncool it's not even funny... Thanks for the enlightenment though!

CamiKaos said...

so it's like the Macarena for 2007?

I am so uncool. I learned about it from you.

Jackie said...

I've seen the Barney one too. As much as Barney usually disturbs me I can't help but laugh at Barney Crankin the Soulja Boy.

Wholly Burble said...

I plead "Iowa resident" here. We never get the "latest thing out there" until, oh, two, three, or more years--maybe that's not as true in the electronic age as it was in my day LOL, but I'm still pleading it rather than owning up to uncoolness.

Thanks for the instructional video--not sure if I can get my groove on today with it, but I'll try to get my bad self down with all of it and see what's up with that . . . OK, I'm done now, I just got excited seeing the video LOL.

Janet said...

Sigh, our mayor won reelection, 51% to 49%. I am pleased that it was close, but sometimes I despair of this town.

Jenn in Holland said...

I don't know GF, I am mildly disappointed that there is no video of you doing that stellar superman step. Seriously, where do these dances for the masses even come from?

Hey, I have just a small something for you over at my place. I won't make you dance for it...

Momo Fali said...

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about! I have to check this out. I'm so old and out of the loop!

JetPass said...

No one, I mean NO one needs to see this very white woman shake her "thang." I'm so out of it, I hadn't heard of this till now.

Don't Eat My Buchela said...

Soulja boy? What? Huh?

This is what I get for being in China I guess!

Good going on the electoral success:)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Don't know it either. I think I'll look at you tube later - I'm in a coffee shop right now.

Anali said...

I had never heard of either until I saw it on Plez's blog!

Elizabeth said...

This is embarrassing, but I can totally do the Souljah Boy dance. What can I say, I'm an excellent mimic.

BTW: The Barney one is the best.


Gunfighter said...

Is that so, Elizabeth???

I'm impressed.