Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama For President!

With the departure of Dennis Kucinich from the Presidential race, Gunfighter must find a new candidate to back. Knowing, as you do, how I feel about Republicans in general, it won't surprise you to know that effective immediately, I am throwing my whole-hearted support to Senator Barack Obama for the nomination of my party, and for the Presidency of the United States.

My reasons for supporting Obama are many and varied, but to tell you the truth I think that the most desirable trait that Senator Obama has, that perhaps only one other Democratic candidate possesses, and that is his ability to inspire people.

I suppose there are many that believe that a President has to have experience to lead the nation, but I submit that no one has that kind of experience. No one. I don't care how long you were a Senator, or a Governor, or a Member of The House of Representatives... I don't care that you built a business empire from the ground up. None of those things can truly prepare someone for the kind of power wielded by the President of The United States. That said, let's look at what a President needs:

The President of The United States should be someone prepared to follow the law. S/he must know what our Constitution says and DOESN'T say, and understand that the Constitution is a living, breathing document. It is meant to be interpreted.

The President must be a leader. A sitting President isn't the chairperson of some giant committee that decides policy. The President must lead... and must lead ALL of the people, not just those of his own party or political stripe.

The President must be strong, but not so strong as to think that all that need be done to solve a problem is to either ignore it, or bomb it into oblivion.

The President must know that s/he is a servant of the people. In a representative Democracy such as ours, dictatorial autocrats have no place.

The President needs to know the workings of government, and how to get things done in an ethical and legal manner.

The President should never lead this nation into the instigation of unnecessary wars.

The President must be reasonable. Reasonable people, of any political bent can always find some degree of middle ground... and really, at the end of the day, isn't finding middle ground what Americans are supposed to want? Something that we all can live with? A President has to know that there is no room for Shiite-like intransigence when it comes to leading our Republic.

As I said, I believe that a President has to be able to inspire people. Inspire them with goals, and with optimism, and with vision. Yes, vision. A vision of the things that this country should be, and can be again if we only have the courage and the will to move forward.

I believe that the Democratic candidate who embodies these things is Barack Obama.

I believe that Barack Obama has the leadership skills.

I believe that Barack Obama has the ability to build coalitions to get things done.

I believe that Barack Obama is a reasonable man.

I believe that Barack Obama is an optimist

I believe that Barack Obama is an inspiring leader, a man of vision and courage, and a man of character.

I believe that Barack Obama should be the next President of The United States.

Join me in joining him, won't you?



CamiKaos said...

I already have.

Gunfighter said...

I knew I could count on you, Cami!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Me, too, but you know that already! And I couldn't agree with all the things you said in the post. And I believe that Obama DOES have those qualities.

AB said...

Already with ya - have been since 2004! I wholeheartedly concur. My reasons are very similar. He is full of common sense, seems to have vision and knowledge enough to get the job done. He is straightforward, confident, inspirational and exudes leadership. I think he will be just what this country needs to both get us back on track, back in the good graces of the rest of the world, and take us forward to a better tomorrow.

Jerseygirl89 said...

I am so torn between him and Hillary that I'm afraid to vote in the primary. Why can't they just run together and save me all this heartache?

Liz said...

Your "Obamaniac" card is in the mail.

I wonder why Kucinich didn't endorse anybody.

Gunfighter said...

I'm curoius, Jersey Girl, what are the qualities that draw you to Clinton?

Gunfighter said...


It's not Obamamania... it's just a wish for sane, courageous leadership... and a candidate that isn't a "Dino" (Democrat In Name Only)

Wholly Burble said...

You made a very impressive list of what you see a president needing in the way of qualities, skills, and abilities. And I'm pleased for you that you see all those things in Obama. What I've seen of him and heard of him, thus far, certainly shows him to be a man of integrity.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Did you know that if you buy some Obama gear from his web site it is considered a campaign donation and it not only tax free but also tax deductible! I bought a few items this weekend.

Rebecca said...

I'm right with you.

Gunfighter said...

Hey Mary! I ordered the bumper stickers for our cars today.... the tshirts are on back order.

Anonymous said...

I'm a plus, Obama is the only candidate of the top 3 that has the balls to discuss GLBT issues on his website as well as have his very own Pride Logo!!

Gunfighter said...

He rocks, Kitty.

DaddyKaos said...

I was a Richardson man until he left the race. I see no other choice in the matter now. Billary is not what this nation needs.
While I could get behind Edwards, because Obama does have the qualties you mention, he has got to be the man.

BlackLiterature said...

So glad to see you've joined us!

Point 1: No one has experience unless they are the sitting president. That is why there is a cabinet and advisors etc... The president is not a unilateral policy maker.

I went to SC to volunteer last week during the election. I was inspired and met many people, (residents and other volunteers) that were similarly excited.

Point 2: My vote is not a Black vote or a female vote. Nor is it a conservative or liberal vote. It is a vote for the person I think is able to lead this country in the direction I think is best. I think Barack Obama is that man.

LizB said...

You've been tagged. Go visit my blog if you want to play along. Thanks!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Well, if I were very liberal, maybe I'd vote for him...
I'm a bit too conservative for Obama. (or McCain for that matter)

Good luck, though!!

Anali said...

I'm with ya! I vote on Super Tuesday! ; )

melissa said...

Sigh...I'm in Texas. This will all be over by then.

And now that Edwards is out, I'm with Obama, too.

I'm going to try and live blog tomorrow's debate. Should be interesting now that there isn't a grown up on the stage.

Diane Mandy said...

Welcome aboard!