Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Making Amends

I have been informed that I have left a very special person off of my Internet Friends post of several weeks ago.

I should like to take a moment to make amends.

My friend Claudia lives in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. She is married and has two children, one of whom may end up marrying my daughter if all goes well.

Claudia and I have been internet pals since 1999.

She is an interesting sort, she was born in Hong Kong, but has lived in Canada since the age of 14; she once sported a Mohawk; she likes to play soccer; her son plays hockey (which can be very expensive, or so I understand); she says that her accent is sort of "Crocodile Dundee-like" even after all these years; she doesn't like having her picture taken.

Claudia is very busy, and we aren't in constant contact, but I value her friendship nonetheless.

Cheers, Claudia!



Elizabeth said...

Your daughter might marry one of her kids and you left her off your internet friends list?

That's a perfect way to ingratiate yourself to the mother of the bride. Mwahahaha.

Romper said...

Thank you Bill. You have just pulled yourself back from the brink of disaster. I am now settling into a state of serenity once again.

I wish I were only 14 when I moved here. Then I'd be four years younger than I actually am. I was 18 and there was no mohawk, just a spiked up new wave do that was rapidly changed when my hair began to fall out from hauling on it with cement-like gel.

Boy Furby is still being groomed for Olivia. We are forcing him to attend reading camp. Harry Turtledove will be in his stocking this Christmas. Failing that, he will be pushed into sports or acting. Fear not Olivia, there will plenty of moola for both you and your in-laws retirement although I hear you will be earning your own millions through soccer endorsements.

Onwards with CWD!