Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Fidel is Dying?

We hear in the news that Fidel Castro is in the hospital and isn't doing very well, and that power has been transferred to his brother/Defense Minister Raoul.

We hear that the people of the Miami, Florida "exile" community are celebrating over "El Maximo Lider's" imminent demise.

These are interesting times, indeed.

What do you think will happen when Castro dies? What will happen when Fidel breathes his last, and all the young dudes carry the news of his death?

Will his death lead to what we call democracy in the near future?, will Raoul Castro keep an iron grip on the government and the people, fighting off attempts at counterrevolution?

Perhaps all will be forgiven and all of the pain-in-the-ass "exiles" in Florida will go home.

Time will tell.


TJ said...

no chance in hell they will ever leave the US. Why would they? We allow them to be here. We should ship them all back and quick.

Gunfighter said...

Well, I'm not much for the "kick 'em all out" solution, but I am more than happy to see Florida no longer under the political control of what I consider a foreign faction.

By this I mean that I'd love to see a Florida politician get elected without first denouncing Castro and then pledging support for that stupid embargo in the same breath, in order to be elected.

Castro is a murdering old sonofabitch, but I think our policy via Cuba sucks when compared to some REALLY bad despots the world over.

But hey... what do I know, eh?

WordsRock said...

These are indeed interesting times.