Monday, August 28, 2006

My Siblings

T is the oldest at 48. She is an ordained minister and a parish Pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She lives in New Jersey. My sister is an interesting person, she is... mercurial in temperment, but has a heart of gold. She is divorced and has a 22 year old daughter from her marriage. She has been with her partner, P, for around five years.

H, my only brother, is 47, and is a recently retired Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force. He is employed doing some interesting things for the U.S. Air Force as a civilian. H is married (since 1988) and has an eleven year old son. He is still recovering from a really bad multiple fracture of one of his legs last year. He is walking normally (almost) now, thanks to a lot of painful physical therapy.

K, is next at 44. Oddly enough, she and I are closest even though we didn't meet until six years ago (papa was a rolling stone, apparently). She is a German national and is a nurse. She has two sons, who think it is cool that both of their uncles are American, but speak German.

N, is the baby. She will be 33 next week. N is a professional dancer, and was, until recently, with the touring company of The Lion King. She has decided to open a dance studio in L.A.

My siblings are quite an assortment. I like them all for the most part, although we aren't particularly close.

I haven't seen T or K, since um... 2000. I haven't seen N since 1997, but I did see H a few months ago... and he only lives 25 miles from me.

Does it mean anything bad that I have no particular drive to spend time with my siblings?


Janet said...

Not to me it doesn't. I have eight siblings and most of the time I only feel a particular drive to spend time with one of them. Since she works with me now I rarely spend enough time away from her to get that opportunity. I constantly try to convince her, and my mother, that shared DNA is no reason to hang out with someone, but they just don't see it.

WordsRock said...

I don't live close to any of my siblings. I absolutely adore when we can get together, but I don't find myself going out of my way to make that happen.

Not sure what that says about either you or me! Yours sound like an interesting lot. :)

the only daughter said...

Regrettably, my brothers and I are not close. My mother would like for us to be-but I just can't or maybe won't. Maybe I could if our differences were confined to our childhoods-but they are not.

It means doesn't have to be bad.