Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Hideous Beating

This post isn't about a crime or a news story, it is about rugby.

Over the weekend, the United States national rugby team faced the Canadian team in the North American qualifying match for the 2007 Rugby World Cup. The Canadians won the match, which won't surprise anyone that is paying attention to the world rugby scene. The U.S. and Canada have been fairly evenly matched for quite a while, both nations almost always hovering around each other, ranked at about14th & 15th in the world.

The problem with this match wasn't who won, but how badly they won. The United States took an ugly drubbing... I daresay mugging, from our Canadian neighbors, with a score of 59 to 7.

Shameful.... just shameful.

The good news is (no, I'm not switching my auto insurance to Geico) that the U.S. still might make it to the world cup, by beating Uruaguay and jumping through some other hoops.

Here is hoping.


Kathleenios said...

59 to 7! Ha ha ha!!

(I won't mention the few times we were beaten badly in high school rugby.....Ahem)

Gunfighter said...

Kathleen! Hot Canadian rugby babe!

What position did you play, anyway? and will you be following the Women's World Cup?

kathleenios said...

I was the eighth. Did I mention also MVP forward? :)

I'll watch it if it's on the tvs at work. That's how I watch most of my sports (if any).