Thursday, September 21, 2006

Follow-up To Yesterday's rant

I sent the following email to the Principal of my daughter's school this mornig:

"Dear Ms. xxxxxxxx,

I have a few comments on what I see as a mounting problem with the morning drop-off for the students at xxxxx, but before I talk about that, I'd like to offer some praise:

My wife and I are quite pleased about xxxxxx'x experience at xxxxxx, not only so far this year, but last year as well. Having been able to interact with Mrs xxxxxxxxx as well as Ms. xxxxxxxx was a fruitful experience for xxxxxx as a student and for us as parents.

About the morning drop-off problem. It is increasingly clear that a great many parents are totally ignoring the policy on dropping off their children before the school-bell rings. Worse, many of the parents seem to be too impatient to wait in the drop-off line, and instead, drop their kids in the parking lot, causing them to have to move through the traffic to get to the school, which is very unsafe.

Is there anything that can be done to address this?

I know that you are a busy woman, supervising the education of our children, so I appreciate your attention in this matter."


There. I was rational, calm, I wasn't shrill, and I didn't have to shoot anyone.


zanne said...

Good for you keepin' it in the holster! ;)

Gina said...

Yes, and good of you to address the safety issue, that always gets them.