Friday, September 1, 2006

The MTV Video Music Awards

I watched the MTV Video Music Awards Last Night. Did any of you see it? What a bunch of crap! Maybe I'm just too old to watch it anymore.

Please be patient with me while I share a few thoughts... I may not be terribly coherent, as I have a splitting headache as I type this.

Is it just me, or is Justin Timberlake the most girly-man in the business these days?

Shakira... no, sweetie, your hips don't lie, and I love what they say.

Jessica Simpson... hello? Your 15 minutes of fame are nearly over, hope you enjoyed it. Oh, and she was hammered.

A Piece of advice to the men of the entertainment world: Unless you normally wear a beard or are currently filming a role that requires you to have a beard, please don't appear on television unshaven. I don't get the whole grungy "I-look-like-I-Just-got-out-of-bed-and-didn't-bathe" look. What's that all about?

I've never been a big fan of hip-hop music or culture. The main reason is that I have never been able to identify with it, especially because I believe it to be destructive on many levels. I now have a new reason: I CAN'T UNDERSTAND A GODDAMNED THING MOST OF THEM ARE SAYING! I mean, really!

Jack Black was really horrible as host. Somebody call Jimmy Fallon, please!

I confess, I never watch MTV, and until last night, I hadn't seen 99 percent of the videos that are up for awards. Some of them really looked awful. Please note that I don't include Shakira in that category.

Li'l Kim was a presenter... couldn't she have stayed in prison? She tried to come across as some sort of victim. Memo to Kim: You went to prison for lying in court about a gunfight! You aren't a victim, baby, you are a criminal.

The Pussycat Dolls won an award for something (I'm not sure what it was). How could that happen?

I need coffee, friends... more later.


the only daughter said...

You are braver than I, for sure. Unless my daughter co-opts my TV -MTV and I never ever cross paths.
I get some flavor of the hip-hop when I hitch a ride with said daughter and I won't pan the whole genre, but clearly not my cup of tea. My problem is that I understand too much what they are saying.
I spent the coherent parts of last evening watch Andre A extend his illustrious career one more match.
Holla back once your headache clears.

Gunfighter said...

That was one hell of a headache!, Trust me.

I didn't see any of Andre A's match... I never watch tennis... I only enjoy bloodsports. I'm sure that a shrink would have a lot to say about that... perhaps I'd best not ask.