Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Rant

Wednesday is the one day a week that I take my little one to school. It is always sort of fun and special for us, because it is only a once a week thing. This morning, I was up at about 0445 (slept in!) and read the paper, ironed my trousers, showered & shaved etc... before waking Olivia at 0715.

I made her breakfast, went over her homework with her, and watched a few minutes of "Brandy & Mr Whiskers" with her, before she put on her uniform. At 0840, we headed for school.

The drive to school was short, only about 6 or 7 minutes, as the school is fairly close to the house. The weather was bright and still shirt-sleeve warm, the sky was blue and the traffic was light. A nice start to our day.

Then we got to school.

At my daughter's school, there is a requirement that parents must either park their cars and walk their children to the front door of the school, waiting there with them until the opening bell rings, OR, queueing up in the "drop off" line, wherein you must drive your child into the "drop off" circle (after the bell rings) and then you can drive away. The bus riders are dropped off at a different door.

The reason for these rules are so that the kiddies don't get run over by any of the minivan moms who are too friggin' busy talking on their cel phones to look out for anyone ELSE'S children as they cross the street or parking lot. When it works it makes quite a bit of sense.

**PLEASE NOTE** Friends, your pal the Gunfighter is a veteran of eight years of service in the Marines, and has been a lawman ever since (nearly twenty years ago). I admit that I am a stickler for rules and for order. Probably more than I should be. Take that into consideration as you read on.

Today, as on so many other Wednesdays, there was nearly a platoon's worth of kids either standing in front of the school (unaccompanied) 10 minutes before the bell! (**NOTE** A platoon is a military term for a unit of approximately 44 Marines or soldiers)

Worse, I saw at least 10 moms/dads drive into the parking lot drop their kids off and then drive away, leaving their kids to have to dodge the aforementioned minivans. I saw one lady make a nod towards the rules by getting out of her SUV and walking approximately ten feet with her kid and then getting back into her car and driving away... and I know this one, her daughter is one of my soccer players (and a real pain in the ass!).

Now, remember, as soon as the bell rings, the people that followed the rules are dropping off their kids in the circle, then driving away... through the parking lot... the parking lot that is now teeming with children dropped of by their parent so they wouldn't have to wait an extra 3 minutes in the drop-off line!

This situation thoroughly pisses me off every Wednesday.


Is that too much to ask?

Look, I know people are in a hurry. I know people have to go to work. I know... I know... I know..., but will 3 minutes REALLY make that much of a difference?



Anonymous said...

"Why can't people just wait!?!"
Now, that is a question for the ages.

Even more disturbing is the lessons the young ones are learning.

Traffic flow (or lack thereof) got so bad at my kids school-crossing guards were needed to direct-drop

Yet, another career *idea* ? :)


Gunfighter said...


They really don't want me to direct traffic... there would be some unhappy folk, as I tend to speak plainly.

Kathleenios said...

Don't kids walk to school anymore? I always did.

Gunfighter said...

Some do, Kathleen. At my daughter's school, most don't because of distances and the insanely busy nature of our northern Virginia roads.

Gina said...

Though never in the military, I too am a big stickler for rules and people abiding by them. I always wonder why people think their time is more important than mine, because to me, it boils down to selfishness.