Monday, October 16, 2006

The Doctor Is In!

Saturday evening, I entered a new phase in my working life: The practice of pediatric dentistry.

Like most parents, I have pulled out some of my little one's teeth when they have become loose, but this was different.

One of Olivia's upper canines had started to loosen over the summer, but wasn't quite ready to come out, so we figured we would wait for it. While we were waiting, the new tooth started to grow. "Well," we thought, "...this sort of thing happens all of the time". So we figured the tooth would probably come out while we were on vacation. It didn't.

We thought that giving Olivia apples to take to school for snack would loosen it further. It didn't.

We thought that having her wiggle the tooth regularly would help work it out. It didn't.

So, with all of these "didn'ts" piling up, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I like to consider myself a fairly handy fellow. I can change a light switch, install light fixtures and ceiling fans, I can repair cracked drywall or install a garbage disposal. In aid of all of this, I have a rather decent toolbox and an nice assortment of tools. With all of my tools, my favorite, and most used tool is my Leatherman. Yes, my Leatherman. The one that is on my belt as I type this. Why am I talking about my tools? I am sure that you already suspect whats coming next.

With Olivia starting to feel some real discomfort because of her tooth, I decided that it was time to force the issue, and just give it a yank, myself, but the little white tooth was too small for my big ol' fingers to get a decent grip. After several attempts, I decided to make a different approach. As I have opposable thumbs going for me (which is nice), I decided to make use of TOOLS. Enter the Leatherman (drum roll please). I established a good firm grip on the recalcitrant tooth (don't you just love the word recalcitrant?, I certainly do!) and gave a firm twist/pull, and before anyone could say "ouch", there it was! Olivia didn't even know that I had gotten it out.

We celebrated with high fives and bloody napkins and then my patient scampered off to tell mommy the good news.

I don't mind telling you that I was feeling pretty good about myself about the whole thing.

Bonus points if you can name the movie reference.


Anonymous said...

Got no clue on the movie reference.

The Boy had some stubborn baby teeth too. I did not whip out my Leatherman, however. I took him to the dentist because... well... because I'm a chicken shit.

Well done, Dad. :)


Anali said...

I have no idea about the movie reference, but I'm glad there was a happy ending to this story. I was wincing while reading it!!

So did the Tooth Fairy come by to see Olivia? I hear that kids get $5 and $10 now. I used to get a quarter when I was a kid!

I remember having a loose tooth when I was on a trip to Montreal with my family. I ate this really big sandwich and my tooth came out in it!

Gunfighter said...

" I hear that kids get $5 and $10 now."

Not at my house! She got a dollar.

Zanne said...

Wow that's trust! Ain't nobody getting into my mouth with pliers or anything else that comes in a tool box! ;)
Such a good dad you are!!

Tigger said...

I own a Leatherman, is it not the coolest thing around?? I take mine camping all the time, it is just so handy!!!! Great job on the tooth!!! Tawnya