Monday, October 2, 2006

Saturday Soccer

My God, did we destroy the other team or what!?!

OK, done gloating.

The girls beat the opposing team quite handily this Saturday. One of our hard charging forwards scored 4 goals in the first five minutes of the game... which really mentally wrecked the other team, so we took her out.

Debbie's daughter (Debbie is the coach, remember?) scored next, and then my daughter scored(her first of the season), and then another girl scored her first since she started playing (this is her second season), then my daughter scored again (yay!), and lastly, our only first year player scored her first goal (I thought her dad was going to have a stroke!)

The little girl that I mentioned last week, didn't score any goals, but had a fantastic game of defense. Although scoreless, she was as happy as could be for having been an important participant.

After the game, her mother was all weepy with apologies to Debbie for being so unpleasant after last week's game. Apparently, there were other things going on in her life that made her particularly prickly for a time.

What made this win particularly sweet was that the coach of the other team really beat up on us last season, and then kept her best player in the game and ran up the score.

In this week's game we only let one player from out team go into their zone in the second half. We didn't score any more and still kept them to two goals.

After the game, the other coach only grudgingly shook Debbie's hand.

After the game, it was time for milkshakes.

What fun!


Anonymous said...

Milkshakes? My how times have changed. After game treats (win or lose) consisted drink boxes, orange slices and maybe rice crispie treats. Unless it was tournament time-then it was pizza-all around.



Gunfighter said...

My mistake for not clarifying...

We do the drink boxes and rice crispie treats for the team... but Olivia got a milkshake when we went to lunch because she worked really hard in the game.