Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The Republicans are Unfit To Govern

The Republican Party is Unfit to Govern

Let me say that again for those of you that aren't listening:

The Republican Party is Unfit to Govern

By now everybody in the country who is paying the slightest attention knows about the growing scandal surrounding disgraced former Representative Mark Foley, Republican of Florida.

In the last few days, all of this has grown from a few "inappropriate" emails to a young Congressional Page, to what appears to be a large-scale cover-up orchestrated by the Speaker of The House of Representatives, and various officials of the Justice Department.

You probably have also heard about Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Ca) and his conviction for taking bribes, or the Jack Abramoff scandals, or Big Oil making energy policy with Vice President Cheney.

There is also President Bush who has illegally and immorally used our armed forces to invade a sovereign nation, and is bungling the aftermath. Oh, and there is the unlawful domestic spying , searching without warrants, and gross violation of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war.

Here in Virgina, one of our Senators has made racial slurs in public, and had the odd little quirk of wearing a Confederate flag lapel pin (he is from California, and his mother's side of the family are from Morocco). Whats that all about?

I could go on and on... but I think you get the picture here. It all boils down to the point of this post.

The Republican Party is unfit to govern.

What happened to the Party of "morals & Family Values"? What happened to the Party of "Fiscal Responsibility"?

It was all a sham. All of it.

I really don't think that this country can take much more of the Republican Party, so I urge you, whatever you do for the rest of the year, please consider voting for your Democratic candidates.

It's important.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that none of my ire about the Foley/Hastert scandal should be construed to mean that any of my feelings about the leadership of the GOP has to do with sexuality. It doesn't.


Zanne said...

I'm with ya bro! ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the majority of Americans can see the issues as clearly as you do.


The Thinking Black Man said...

I agree 100%...

I would have agreed 1000%, but uh, that would have been mathematically impossible.

The thing that worries me with elections around the corner is - what is Bush and his cast of evil-do'ers gonna' do to swing lost votes back toward the GOP?

Gas prices are already dropped nicely. Could an increase in the Terror Threat Level be around the corner? Could the GOP dust off the gay marriage issue again? Or is it time to blow up Osama bin Laden with a Predator Drone and a Hellfire missle? Now THAT would save A LOT of face for the GOP!!!

Exceelent post , as always!

Gunfighter said...


Spread the wotd!


Well, I'm just a guy with an opinion, but I hope that some agree with me... more importantly, I hope all of those people are moved to actually vote.


I suspect some of all of the things you mentioned. The GOP is already on the march with the tactic of scaring people about terrorism, and in some states gay marriage is a bigger issue than others.

Here in Virginia thereis a ballot initiative to change the constitution to prohibit gay marriage and prevent any futher legislation on the issue in perpetuity.

I'll be voting "NO" on this issue.

Anali said...

I'm in total agreement. In Massachusetts, the Governor's race is getting really nasty. The republican candidate is pulling all kinds of nonsense. I just hope that most voters can see past all the madness. Thanks for stopping by my blog!