Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How Now, Mr. Bush?

First, there was the "Axis of Evil" speech, wherein you explained the Iraq, Iran, and North Korea were the most evil regimes in the world, and must be confronted with American strength.

Second, there was what you considered to be the easiest pickings of the three: The invasion of Iraq.

You gave us several versions of your logic behind the invasion... most of which have had massive holes punched in them. As it turns out, most of America has figured out that you instigated this confrontation with Iraq solely because you had the political capital to get away with it. Unfortunately, this self-inflicted crisis has had more wide-reaching consequences than you and your chickenhawk henchmen had counted on.

"Mission Accomplished", you boasted from the deck of an aircraft carrier, in a Tom-Cruise-in-Top-Gun like moment. You were wrong, and thousands of American men and women (and uncounted tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians) have gone to their deaths because of your arrogance. You and your advisers neglected the best advice of your Generals concerning realistic goals and aftermath scenarios, and apparently, you don't give a good goddamn about it. I guess I shouldn't be shocked as you and your kind never have to send your children off to fight for big oil.

I don't know how you sleep at night.

OK, forget Iraq. Big mistake... but hey, we can't hold you responsible for everything, eh? Let's move on:

Iran. The next member in your Axis of Evil triumvirate. Since the lion's share of our armed forces are bogged down in Iraq, participating in their civil war (which you started), Iran has become emboldened to start, or restart their nuclear program, which your administration says is all about nuclear weapons. Now, in the beginning of this situation, you were threatening the Iranians with military action if they didn't halt their program. They refused, and now all you can do is talk about it. Let's scan that, shall we? You invade Iraq because of some non-existent program, and when Iran calls your bluff, all you can do is bluster? Make up your mind? This situation is still evolving, but it brings us directly to the third member of this elite group.

North Korea: "Dear Leader" (and megalomaniac) Kim Jong Il has a nuclear program that is active, his people starve from time to time while his well-fed army continues to threaten militarily and economically close allies of this country. His regime is potentially the most volatile of all of our countries potential adversaries, and we do less than nothing about it. We have gone as far as having "Sound-Bite Condi" Rice promise that we will take no military action against North Korea, even though they are in direct violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Let's recap, shall we?

Iraq: A great big friggin' mess that will only get worse. If our armed forces left tomorrow, they would take ten years (or more) to recover. A nation that will almost certainly become an Islamic Republic in the very near future. A haven for terrorists and outlaws that YOU created. No amount of American military presence will prevent it.

Iran: Laughing at our Iraqi debacle, while providing arms and training to whomever will take it, as long as the takers kill Americans and cause us more grief. Oh, and trying to build nukes while you do essentially nothing.

North Korea: Also laughing about our Iraqi debacle, while gleefully building nukes and ignoring your threats.

Mr Bush, you will be leaving office in two years (and good riddance), and will have left this country weaker and more threatened than we have ever been.

So much for Republicans being all about national security.

You have royally screwed the pooch, Mr Bush. My faith says that I have to pray for you, and I do so, daily... but my God, you make it difficult for me not to wish for the damnation of your soul.


vasilisa said...

Probably has to do with the fact that there is no oil in North Korea. No capital gain... Therefore not urgent...

Not being American, can't directly talk to Mr. Bush... But I find it sad how in such a short time he had managed to create so many enemies for his country...

Anali said...

It is so scary when I think of how much more damage Bush can do in the two years he has left. I don't know that our country will ever fully recover from all the harm he has caused.

And on a happier note... Thanks for the link! I'm adding you as well. : )

Gunfighter said...

Welcome, Vasilisa!

Thanks for visiting, especially from waaaaay up there in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe your prayers are not going to help that man. But do what you feel you must.