Friday, March 9, 2007

Shoot 'Em Up Friday VII

I had to teach a class first thing this morning... so I didn't get to set up anything cool today, so instead, I took a few pictures of a speed drill that I did while my shooters were cleaning their pistols.

This drill is all about rapidly engaging multiple targets. Why? Because bad guys, like all vermin, travel in groups, thats why.

These red silhouettes have been stenciled on to a piece of cardboard, and are eight inches wide and 16 inches long. The silhouettes are this size to represent the parts of the body that are most likely, when perforated, to cause rapid cessation of the ability to fight or function.

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I shot them from approximately 5 yards out... the idea being to draw from the holster and engage each target with two shots in two seconds.

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All of my strings of fire were pretty decent, although I kinda threw one off to the left...

The last thing I did before calling it quits, is the usual claeaning and lubrication that no shooting evolution is complete without.

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Leslie said...

Yay! Shoot 'em up Friday!

Grimm said...

I think one day you should have a how-to class on gun cleaning.

I would be curious, even though I do not own a gun.