Thursday, November 9, 2006

Election Recap

And so it goes... Virginians have done what appears to have been the right thing in electing (very narrowly) Jim Webb to the United States Senate, not only ousting Senator George "Macaca" Allen from his Senate seat, but also completely destroying Allen's hopes for ever being elected President of The United States.

It seems that the Democrats have achieved near-total victory, capturing 33 seats in the House of Representatives and picking up the six Senate seats necessary to control that body as well.

Nationally, the Republican Party has taken a huge kick in the teeth, and in the humble opinion of your correspondent, it is no less than they deserve.

The Republican Party spent so long in the political wilderness being the loyal opposition, they failed to realize that with their assumption of Congressional leadership in 1994, that the people who voted for change back then, were not giving them Carte Blanche to lead the entire nation in the interests of their own party's most extreme elements. Tuesday's election reminded them of this fact in no uncertain terms.

Locally, here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we have something of a mixed bag in terms of election results. I live in the First Congressional District (at least until the redistricting) which runs from the southeastern tip of Prince William County, all the way to Norfolk (can you believe that?), and the voters in the District returned the odious, do-nothing, rubber-stamp-for-George-Bush, Jo Ann Davis for another term.

Also here in Virginia, the ballot question regarding a Constitutional amendment regard the definition of marriage passed without difficulty. I am saddened by the fact that while Virginians were able to see the rightness of electing at least one progressive to the Senate, homophobes wrapped in a Holy Bible were able to make this ballot question pass. For shame.

Apparently the first bit of fallout from the election was the "resignation" of Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, which, oddly enough, happened less than two weeks after President Bush said that Rumsfeld would be his Secretary of Defense for his entire administration. Bye Rummy... you'll not be missed.

My friends, I am pleased by most of the results of this election. I don't mind telling you that I am as happy as can be for the ouster of Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), and equally happy about the election of Deval Patrick for Governor of Massachusetts.

As for the what this election will bring for the future... Well, I just don't know. What I do know, is that soon-to-be-Speaker-of-The-House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), has her work cut out for her. I hope that she and her fellows, hit the ground running in preparation for the 2008 elections, and more importantly, that they get to work fixing some of the problems caused by GWB and his clique of political thugs.




WordsRock said...

Prosit, GF!
It's a start.

Gunfighter said...

And a damned good start, Suzanne!


Zanne said...

I too am encouraged although I continue to be deeply frustrated by the "homophobes wrapped in the Holy Bible." (nice turn of phrase btw) ;)
Onward and upward!

Kelley said...

I was really nervous on Tuesday when early results indicated that ballot #1 had passed; I thought it meant that Allen had it in the bag. Luckily, some of the homophobes had the sense to vote for Webb.

the only daughter said...

Victory is sweet. The job is not complete. As you note, there is hard work ahead. But for now, yea!

mnist said...

completely destroying Allen's hopes for ever being elected President of The United States.

I never worried about Allen. I think it's Frist we have to look out for.

How do you feel about Hillary in the next election?

Janet said...

I am also happy about the national results, and that our Democratic Governor retained her job. However, I am also sad about a ballot initiative in my state. Unfortunately a ban on affirmative action passed in Michigan. I am once again disgusted with my fellow Michiganders as I was when we passed out anti-gay marriage amendment last election. Sigh.

Anali said...

It is a shame that the ballot initiative passed. We are having similar issues now here in Mass.

Although gay marriage was allowed by the SJC, our highest court, starting today our legislature is having a constitutional convention and deciding whether to put the question of gay marriage on the ballot for the 2008 election. It seems the madness never ends.

Elizabeth said...

I think the most encouraging thing is that the President is tapping people from his father's administration. This is where the real victory lies.

I didn't like the dad but he at least had a steady head on his shoulders when it came to Iraq the first time around.

PunditMom said...

I am keeping mny fingers crossed that the Dems, both in Washington and across the country, can now do something with this gift they've been given to get us back on the right track. Plus, I am happy that my parents helped kick Santorum out in Pa.!

Gunfighter said...

Well, my friends, let us resolve to roll up our collective sleeves and get to work right away and support our newly elected majority.

Let us also resolve to recruit and support progressive candidates wherever we are.