Monday, November 13, 2006

International Rugby (and children's Soccer)

Saturday, the national Rugby team of New Zealand, The All Blacks, gave an old-fashioned ass-whooping to the French national team, in Lyon, France.

The score was a dismal 47 to 3.

2007 Rugby World Cup, here we come!

In other news, Olivia's soccer team (The Butterflies) had her final soccer game of the season on saturday. Her team won 4 to 1, and Olivia scored a goal. She worked really hard throughout the season and I am really proud of her and all of the girls.

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the only daughter said...

Go Team!
The MLS team I rooted for-lost.
My second choice-lost.
My third choice-lost.
I do so wish the women's league would/could return. :(
Go All Blacks!
Congrats to Olivia and the Butterflies--yay!