Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Friend, Darla

I told you, a few months ago, about my friend Darla... my neighbor's pit bull.

Well, my neighbor is off to New Orleans to visit her kin folk for the Thanksgiving holiday, so rather than see Darla in a kennel, I told Danielle that I would take care of her.

I took the following photo of Darla this morning, at about 0515, after our morning walk. Darla posed patiently while she waited for me to take finish... so I could feed her. She is the gentlest of dogs, and I am glad to know her.

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Isn't she cute? Please note her stylish pink harness... I am sure she would want you to notice it.


Tasha said...

She looks so chic in her collar. It's nice to see that people haven't written all pit bulls off as mean dogs.

Gunfighter said...


You have no idea, my friend. She is so gentle and so sweet-natured, you'd hardly believe it.

Most pit bulls are that way... as long as they aren't in-bred and trained to be mean.

the only daughter said...

Lovely harness. Lovely pooch.

Leslie said...

Very sweet-looking dog. I love the harness.

Kelley said...

Awww...what a sweetheart. And I love her cute little food table in the background!

Amy Barry said...

Poor pit bulls. I have known two that were sweeter than any other dogs I have known. Total beta dogs. Same with Rotties. But of course when these breeds are bad, they are REALLY bad. So sad for the sweet ones though. We too used to house a co-workers pit when they were out of town because we have 10 acres all fenced and 4 dogs of our own, but also because there isn't a single kennel in the area that will take a pit bull. So sad.