Friday, November 3, 2006


Hallowe'en was fun... and I don't even like Hallowe'en.

Olivia, Who was very cute,

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scored a ton of candy, some of which, I am obliged as a good father, to eat myself.

You might be asking yourself, "hey GF, whats up with the kabuki makeup?" Well, it goes like this: My daughter sees the "Asian Princess" costume at Target, and swoons. She said she had to be the Asian Princess ("but NOT Mulan, daddy!").

So we get her the costume, but somehwere in between the costume and Hallowe'en, the makeup became part of the deal. So we have Princess Wen Ching (NOT wenching, mind you), complete with Geisha makeup. Since she is only 7, we didn't have to worry too much about the reality of the Geisha.

We started at nearly 6 P.M. at the home of her babysitter, Robin, who was sitting on her front steps (The weather was perfect... middle to low 60's) when we arrived. Robin gave Olivia some candy and some glow-stick bracelets, and told us to return later for pizza and beer, which we would do about 40 minutes later.

We made the circuit on Robin's street, and up and down another two and a half not-very-long streets. By this time, my little princess Wen Ching was getting tired, so we finshed up (with me holding the bag, literally, of candy)and headed back to Robin's house for pizza.

As we were leaving Robin's house (around 8 P.M.) we saw parents that were Trick-Or-Treating with their children while driving behind as their kids walked the sidewalks.

What is that all about? Driving? How about getting out of the car and walking you lazy sods!

Olivia had a great time, and still, three days later, hasn't even looked at her candy.


WordsRock said...

Your daughter is adorable. I'm so glad you've shared some photos of your family. I enjoy having faces to go with the stories.

I recall, back when I used to take The Boy trick-or-treating, parents who would trail behind in their automobiles. I don't get it either. It's no wonder we have a nation with a weight problem.

Zanne said...

Your daughter is a doll!!!

Leslie said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Great costume!

the only daughter said...

Absolutely gorgeous !

Trailing behind kids in cars is not only just wrong, but can be dangerous to boot. I never got that either.

BETTY said...

adorable kid! Ya gotta love em!

hehehe driving behind the kids that's a little over the top.

This year the weather was perfect just the right walking in costume weather!