Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day of Blog Silence

One Day Blog Silence

Friends, I won't be posting at my blog tomorrow, April 30th.

I won't be reading any blogs tomorrow, either.

Tomorrow, I will be joining the One Day of Blog Silence campaign. A day of electronic silence that was originally to be observed for the victims of the recent spree at Virginia Tech.

My silence, tomorrow will be for all of the victims of senseless violence. Whether they were killed here in Virginia at Va. Tech, Baghdad, China, Israel, Palestine... or in Darfur.

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Or any of the other, myriad places that people are regularly slaughtered, that the world, apparently, doesn't give a damn about.

Think about it.

Tell others about it.

Make your leaders aware.

And for God's sake, don't just sit there.


soccer mom in denial said...

I know this is a serious effort but darling where in the world (wide web) did you get that image? And do they sell it as a poster?

That is beyond brilliant!

Check back in on Tuesday.

Lawyer Mama said...

Great idea, actually. I'll try to observe it.

Melanie said...

Whoops didn't hear about it until today.. Too late now! Off to the library I go! And then the park... So I guess I'll be offline for most the rest of day....

DJ Black Adam said...

A lot of them are Christian already, so that leaves two other reasosn for negelect in that region...

cathouse teri said...

Yes, I never heard of it until now, either. I'm not a campaigner or a protester. Although I would love it if you would read my blog entry on the movie, "Iron Jawed Angels."

Anyway, I appreciate your compassion, diligence and concern. And I thank you for pointing out that people are dying all over the world and it's egocentric of us to only be appalled when it happens "here."

So, is silence the passive way of doing something? You prolly need to splain that to me. ;)

cathouse teri said...

Sorry to intrude on the silence again. I just wanted to give you this link to take a survey on blogging. Help a gal through college or something. I dunno, I wasn't really payin' attention. Happy Trails, gun-toter!

cathouse teri said...

Oops. Scratch the last. It's a survey about female bloggers, apparently.

Sorry darlin.