Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ten Weird Things

Recently, well, several weeks ago, Suzanne, from "Cuss and Other Rants" tagged me for the "ten weird things about me" meme...

I have been delinquent in completing it because not only have I been fairly busy, I also had a problem coming up with ten things about me that I think are weird.

Now this doesn't suggest that their isn't anything weird about me... just that I don't see them, I suppose. So, I decided to ask some fellow bloggers what they thought. The following are some of the results.

1. I'm a professional gunfighter (some of you actually thought that this, in itself, was weird)... and I make rosaries... for fun. (That came up six times!)

2. I sometimes iron my money.

3. I enjoy the company of Lesbians. I didn't think that's weird. I don't really like ALL lesbians... I just don't have anything against them as a class of people.

4. I'm a black man that regularly wears a kilt.

5. I think that no yard work is finished until everything has been completely watered. Including my that front walkways and sidewalk

6. That I do the cooking in our house.

7. That I would ask people that don't know me very well, about weird things about me.

8. That I can recite the "Green Lantern" oath from memory

9. "Shoot 'Em Up Friday" (it's not weird, it's cool... and educational!)

10. I iron my jeans.

11. That Captain James T. Kirk was, and remains an important role-model for me.

OK, that's eleven... but I had to work in Jim Kirk.

Have a nice day!



Brillig said...

Dude. You're weird. :D This was actually really fun to read. (Maybe I like weirdos...?)

Gunfighter said...

I'm not weird.

I'm exceptionally well-adjusted.

jenn in holland said...

Well, if this list was supposed to prove your wierdness I think it failed... because now you're like one of my heroes man! And it's not just because of #11. It could be the admission that you do all the cooking (my dad did too) or possibly the making of rosaries for fun (sure wish I used one just so I could buy one from you) No, actually I think you had me at "kilt".

super des said...

I liked reading them and i don't think you're weird. I think you're exceptionally well-adjusted.


Gunfighter said...

THE JMT works every time, Des!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

The kilt and Captain Kirk things are my favorites!

You're weird....but in a good way! :)

JoeC said...

Gunfighter: You do seem very well-adjusted for leading such an eclectic life. I haven't run across many kilt-wearing James Kirk admirers, so thanks for making life more interesting than I expected it would be today...and thanks for dropping by my site! You've got a good one going here!

soccer mom in denial said...

I'm sorry but if someone said to you that enjoying the company of lesbians is weird, well, they are downright bizarre.

And I find you quite adjusted and interesting.

Terri said...

You iron your money...
ahh haaa.. you big weirdo!

What about that your a Dem?? Hee hee... JUST KIDDING!!!!!! DOH!!!!

I still love ya more than my luggage!

Jenn said...

I think all of these make you even more interesting.

My Scottish friend doesn't even wear a kilt that often. Like, weddings, balls, fancy important events.

And ironing money? Why?

Gunfighter said...

I knew I would end up explaining the ironing of money.

Here it is: I may have mentioned at some point or another on this blog, that I can be forgetful.

In light of that fact, I confess that I sometimes forget to check my pockets before I do laundry... which results in soggy money (Insert "Money Laundering" joke here).

The result is that I use my iron to dry/flatten the bills.

cathouse teri said...

Those are some pretty cool weird things! Love the Jim Kirk part.

And you're right... neither Rose, nor anyone else in the world, is sexier than Salma Hayek!

Thanks for dropping by, tiger! ;)

jessabean said...

My boyfriend does just about all of the cooking, and HIS dad does all the cooking for his mom, so it must run in the family. It's pretty awesome, I have to say. :)

I also was completely in love with Kirk when I was little and wanted to be one of his "hot chicks."

And I LOVE Shoot 'Em Up Fridays!

This list was fun.

DJ Black Adam said...

Any law enforcement official, who knows the Green Lantern oath, is a law enforcement official who can truly be trusted and who should be attorney general!

Janet said...

The only thing I found weird was watering your sidewalks. Maybe it's a Michigan thing but that has always struck me as an odd thing to do because it's bound to rain sometime.

Lawyer Mama said...

"I sometimes iron my money."

Ok. That *is* weird. LOL!