Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh, my aching back!

This is a photo of most of the stuff I carry on my belt and in my pockets while I am working.

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It gets heavy... but not as heavy as a patrol officers belt.

I wish I had more to say tonight... but I am tired.

The MIL visit is almost over, and things have gone well.



super des said...

I carried the following around all day:
a big fat book (encyclopedia!), 2 smaller books, a magazine, a basil plant, a DVD set, plus my purse with my wallet, phone, glasses, ipod, etc in it. All in a plastic bag. I really wish I'd brought my backpack.

Gunfighter said...

Wow, Des!

That's a lot of stuff.

I think you are right about the backpack.

soccer mom in denial said...

I can id almost everything accept - what is to the right of the cell phone? And is that one of your rosary beads?

Gunfighter said...


Just to the right of my phone is the case holding my Leatherman tool... and yes, it is a rosary that I made.