Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why Captain Kirk?

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Some of you have asked me about this, and since I have spoken about it, breiefly, several times in this blog. I'll just give you the whole story right now.

Whe I was a kid, I watched all of the old Star Trek episodes whenever I could. Not only because of my interest in Science Fiction, but also because Captian Kirk, of the starship Enterprise, was one of my role models.

Go on and laugh, but please take a moment to read my reasons. Captain Kirk was one of my most important role models because of the following:

Because he was a leader.

Because he was confident.

Because he was a man of courage.

Because he commanded loyalty and respect from his people, and gave them the same.

Becaus he was bold enough to break the rules when he needed to.

Because you could always count on him.

Because he didn't abandon his people.

Because he was funny.

Because he was a bad mutha****** ("shut your mouth!" "but we're talkin' 'bout Kirk!"... please tell me you get the reference)

Because he wouldn't let himself be pushed around (not even by the Klingons).

Because Jim Kirk always got the hot chicks.

...and finally, because even the Tribbles liked the guy... and Tribbles were a great judge of character.

Look, my parents divorced when I was five. My dad was still in the military and was rarely around. I learned a lot of what a man was suppose to be from negative example. Every saturday afternoon (at 5 p.m.) Kirk was always there. He never let me down.

I like to think I possess a lot of the qualities that were embodied in the James T. Kirk character.

I could do one hell of a lot worse.



Hahn at Home said...

Hell, I had a dad at home and I loved Kirk. He was dad's antithesis.

And, the other thing I learned from watching Kirk is that I never, ever wanted to be a red shirt headed down to the planet as part of the security team.

Zanne said...

You forgot the most important reason of all--




Terri said...

My brother in law is a serious "Trekkie"....

we always know what to give him as a gift .... anything Star Trek...

he's a doctor here in town and he's quite serious ... it cracks me up that he's like a kid when it comes to Star Trek!!

cathouse teri said...


because he would boldly go where no man had gone before!

super des said...

Also, he would use the double-kidney punch. Rockin.

I have a still photo from the show that's autographed by Bill. It's utterly hilarious.

Gunfighter said...

Well, Shatner WAS a Canadian, Zanne.... James Tiberius Kirk was from Iowa!


Spot-on with the Red Shirt.

cathouse teri said...

Another cool thing about James T. Kirk... he grew up to be Denny Crane!

viciousrumours said...

James T. Kirk broke all the rules. Rodenberry used him and the other characters on that series to make not just great televison, but to make important social statements "disguised" as great television.

People joke about Kirk and they joke about Star Trek, but what Gene Rodenberry created has become more iconic than even Star Wars. provides EXCELLENT spoof material. (Galaxy Quest anyone? " I see you found a way to get your shirt off.")

DJ Black Adam said...

Kirk is cool, but Picard is the man!!

La Sirena said...

My 14 y.o. son says Shatner is always cool, classy and worth watching. He's more into Denny Crain than James T. Kirk, however.

Notice that Shatner STILL gets all the women on Boston Legal. He also starred in the only movie ever made entirely in the hybrid language of Esperanto, but please don't ask me to remember how or why I know that.

Nice site! I came by via Joe C's blog.

Madame M. said...

Whoooo is the maaaan who travels boldly outer spaaaaaaace?


Awwww yeah!

I don't think you needed a big "Why Kirk" explanation: the man was awesome. ;o)

Gunfighter said...

"Another cool thing about James T. Kirk... he grew up to be Denny Crane!"

Amen, sister!


Picard?! He was cool, but NOT as cool as Kirk!




Denny Crane rocks... but then again, the character of Denny Crane isn't TERRIBLY far removed from Kirk... just older... (and slightly stranger).

Madame M.! You got it! (but some people still don't get the Kirk thing.)

Lastly... Welcome new readers! Take off your shoes and set a spell.

cathouse teri said...

Picard has nothing on Kirk. I mean seriously. I like Picard just fine. In fact, I think he's superior to most human beings, but KIRK........ he ~ and Denny Crane ~ are gods!

Gunfighter said...


Jon said...

Het Gunfighter,
This is Ronnie Mervis.

Where did you learn Afrikaans? Do you know enough for us to communicate in Afrikaans?

Geluk, ou maat.

Anonymous said...

And damn, no one can sing "Mr. Tamborine Man" quite like him! :) Haha!

vasilisa said...

Those are perfectly respectable reasons...

Now, if more kids used Kirk as role model over Merilyn Manson...

Jenn in Holland said...

Great post Gunfighter. Those that miss the sweet subtleties of the classic trek, are just really missing something, aren't they?

By the way, ever seen this?

Janet said...

You forgot that he was in love with his ship. Looking back that's the thing that I remember most, Kirk constantly saying, "My ship!"

My oldest sister was a first generation Trekkie and I was raised on the show. My hero was Scottie, although I could never articulate why as well as you did for Kirk. My favourite episodes were always the ones when Kirk was stuck on the planet and Bones and Spock were up in the ship battling for control. You never got conflict like that in the later series and they always suffered for it.

Anali said...

LOL! I got the reference. Great post! ; )

The Insane Writer said...

"Captian Kirk, of the starship Enterprise, was one of my role models. Go on and laugh,..."

I grew up on Captain Kirk as well and enjoyed his bravery as well as his My mom is also a big fan. Did you know that actor Kirk Cameron(Growing Pains) was named after Captain Kirk? :) Great post!

Gunfighter said...

Welcome insane writer!


I am glad you got it!