Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Second Interview.

As you can see below, I have been interviewed again, this time by Joy.

Interviews can be fun. What I find interesting is the difference in the questions that get asked.

1) You're a relatively new blogger, it seems. What you made you start a blog and has blogging so far lived up to your expectations? Any surprises?

I started blogging because I am, at heart, a communicator. I love to talk to people, I love to listen to people... it's how I learn. I think some of it also stems from the fact that, as a kid, I wanted to teach high school history. Fortunately, I fell into a career teaching an entirely different subject. I also like to socialize, and blogging allows me to do that without expending my precious free time.

Regarding surprises... there have been a few... see my post about mommy bloggers from a few days ago. You can also check my archives where I have said similar things bout "My Lesbian Friends" (which was the actual name a post)

2) I see your hobby is making Rosaries (they're gorgeous). How did you get into that? And do you tell the guys at work;-)

You have seen my blog, and know that I take my faith-walk seriously. Mine is a mature, curious, seeking, and questioning faith, and as a result, I wanted to find out about other faith traditions than my own (I'm a Lutheran). I had always found the tradition of praying the rosary, as they do in the Roman church, to be interesting. One day, I googled rosary prayer, and I found a site called the "Ecumenical Rosary"... one thing led to the other.... I found out about the Anglican "rosary" ... saw "how to" websites and thought "I could probably do that" I gave it a try, and was hooked.

I like making things... it is so much more affirming that my profession, which is all about killing. It gives me some balance.

As for the guys I work with, yeah, they know... but most of the guys I work with are afraid of me.

3) Charlton Heston. Friend or Foe?

Foe. Charlton Heston, when not acting, is a bleeding idiot.

4) I see you are a "rugger" fan. Why does it appeal? (and why is American Football for woosses?;-))

American (Gridiron) football (which I played at school) can be fun, but it can be terribly dull to watch.

Rugby football is a game where everybody runs, everybody can score, everybody tackles, everybody can be tackled,and the play goes by much faster. Add the camaraderie of the game, and the lack of showboating and trash talking and there you are. Players of the American game think that they are tough, but 90 percent aren't fit enough to play rugby.... especially rugby union, which, to my mind, is the better of the codes.

What else can I say? Rugby is "The Game They Play in Heaven".

I'd love to play, but I'm just too damned old (and too fat) to start!

If anyone wants me to interview them, please let me know.


Redneck Mommy said...

Still snickering about your Heston comment.


And dude, I luurrrvvv rugby. Was on the allstars girl rugby team four years in a row, and still play on weekends.

I'm the hooker.

I love a good tussle.

Lawyer Mama said...

I've heard several guys who've "played both ways" say the same thing about rugby and football. Rugby is for the real bad asses!

(And now I think I love Redneck Mommy.)

soccer mom in denial said...

O.k. now for the subtle request - I'm up for an interview!!!!

My husband (both fat, err large, and old) discovered rugby a few years ago. What he loves is there are positions for fat, err large, and old guys. He's the dude pushing the scrum.

Gunfighter said...


Well you know what props say: "Support your local hooker!"


Rugby is the real deal.


I'll think up your questions and send them in the a.m. Oh, and hubby's position is called the 8-man.

If I were playing with a bunch of old guys, mind you, I'd likely be a prop or hooker (the front row is where it's at!)

lori hahn said...

Glad you have returned. You are my "blog-scovery" this week...keep on writing!

Gunfighter said...

Thanks, Lori!

I'm still in Williamsburg, and I will have lots to wrie about... indeed am already writng about, for when I get home next week.

DJ Black Adam said...

You don't like Moses? :-)

Gunfighter said...


Don't get me wrong... Moses was cool, in a non-historically-accurate sort of way... but his role as lunatic NRA President is a problem for me.

Alex Elliot said...

I enjoyed your answers! For some reason, I didn't realize that faiths other than Catholic (I used to be Catholic)used rosaries. I'm up for an interview too!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Yeah GF, that's a man's man game.

I love to watch it!

It reminds me a bit of a game we used to play [before we started paying for our own health insurance] called "Smear the Queer."

The political incorrectness of the name aside, basically we had a football, a big patch of grass, two endzones and a bunch of half-crazed boys. Whoever had the ball got crushed by everyone else, until they could make it to the endzone. YEAH - those were the days! Uh... daze?

Madame M. said...

Very cool answers :o)

I'd love to be interviewed!