Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Britney Spears Barbarians At The Gate (2)

Last January, I mentioned my love affair with tabloid magazines. I admitted to loving them because the lives of celebrities are so far removed from my own that reading about their antics is sort of like watching animals in a zoo.

Well, yesterday, the Gunfighter family got just a little too close to the reality of certain celebrity-style bad behavior.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Orlando. The sky was clear and the weather was warm... ok, it was hot, work with me here, people! We had made plans to go to SeaWorld for the day, and see the attractions there. We were all looking forward to it... Mrs Gunfighter hadn't been to SeaWorld since she was a child, and SoccerGirl and I, despite our many, many trips to Orlando had never been there at all.

We arrived early and got a really great parking place. Our entry into the park could have been a bit faster, but we had no real worries, as we had gotten our tickets ahead of time.

SeaWorld was fun. We saw Seals, Penguins, Puffins, Dolphins, Killer Whales (the Shamu show was very cool)... we even got to see Polar Bears.

We spent a fine time at the park, and were about to leave when Mrs GF had to go to the ladies room. SG was playing with some other kids on a Polar Bear-styled playground apparatus, while I stood there watching pretty girls walk by vigilantly standing by in case of emergency, when I saw something that I had heretofore only seen in a tabloid magazine.

I witnessed a woman walking towards the ladies room scant seconds after Mrs GF went in. The fact that another woman was entering the ladies room meant nothing, but that's when the celebrity behavior began.

This lady wasn't just going into the ladies room, she was going into the public restroom WITH. BARE. FEET.

You heard me. Barefoot.

I hope that what I just heard was a collective gasp of disgust.

I thought this kind of activity that Britney Spears and her sort engaged in. Well, I was wrong. Deciding on the spot that this is something that I should blog about (I'm so sad, aren't I?), I grabbed my camera and laid in wait for her retrun.

So, here she is, in all of her trashy glory, an unidentified Englishwoman who used a public restroom while barefoot.

If you ever meet this woman, be very skeptical of eating in her home, or letting your children play in her house!


I'll be back this evening to talk about Senator Craig... you KNOW I'm not letting that one go by!


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Okay... that is disgusting...

and I did hear the Brittney does the same thing..


Re: Senator Craig... what a dumb ass

the only daughter said...

I don't understand being barefoot anywhere in public.

Jen said...

The real question is... was he barefoot when he "didn't do anything wrong that he shouldn't have pled guilty to"?

PT-LawMom said...

Ewwwwwww!!! What's worse is women who don't wash their hands before they leave the restroom. Um, hello? Don't you see me standing here watching you NOT wash your hands? Bleech.

scout said...

Does Orlando's Sea World have free beer? Ours, the one in San Diego, has a courtesy beer pavilion, where one may taste Anheuser-Busch's many fine products gratis—even the weird stuff, like Michelob AmberBock—and while the theoretical limit is two beers per adult guest, those seeking further indulgence can sign up for "Beer School," during which one will learn about hops, yeast, and barley; the very important importance of beechwood aging; the upstanding, workaday, and all-around swell nature of the Busch family; and why born-on dating is mission critical—though, frankly, most beer school students didn't seem to mind the "skunky" sample at all, guzzling it down just the same as the others. I have a certificate of completion, should I ever find it necessary to verify said education.

The beer pavilion is, of course, adjacent to the Clydesdale stable. Sea horses? This is what happens when beer scions buy theme parks.

cathouse teri said...

Should I also be skeptical of eating in her home if she wore her shoes into the bathroom and then continued to keep them on her feet until she got into her kitchen?

I don't get it. (Probably because I am barefoot a LOT.) I mean if she goes barefoot into the ladies room, what will happen? She'll pick up bathroom germs? Can't she wash them off? I mean, seems feet are easier to wash than shoes.

Please explain.

Gunfighter said...


Call me crazy, but my own personal sense of cleanliness says don't walk in bodily waste.

Said personal sense of cleanliness tells me that someone who walks in said waste, which can be difficult to avoid in a public restroom, may not feel the same way I do about washing.

If the person in question isn't all that excited about hygiene, it is likely that I don't want to consume anything this person might have prepared... leaving me to wonder what I might be getting along with the meal.

Maybe I am just a little too wound up about this... maybe not, but I sure as hell wouldn't have done it.


cathouse teri said...

I do know that different people have different ideas about what cleanliness constitutes.

I was once in a very casual bar (dark and smoky), where I kicked off my shoes and put my feet up on an empty chair next to me. I do this all the time. The waitress came up to me at one point and said(she's a part owner in the bar), "Excuse me, but I would prefer you take your feet off of my chair and put your shoes back on." I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I had no idea it would be a problem." She said, "It is always a problem for me when people have their shoes off. Would you like it if I went into your living room and propped my bare feet up on your coffee table?" (This was funny, because I often have my bare feet up on my coffee table, and I would have no problem with anyone else doing this.)

I didn't go to that bar again. Which I'm sure was fine with her. *cough cough*

Another time, I had a woman at my home and she saw my cat walking on the counter. She said, "Oh my God! I hope to God you never invite me over here to eat, because I would certainly NOT accept the invitation after seeing that!" I said, "Well you can rest assured that you will never get such an invitation."

So, yeah. I'm a hippie. I'm a very clean person. And I'm barefoot much of the time. And I would probably walk into a bathroom in bare feet.

Redneck Mommy said...

The hairs on the back of my neck just stood up. That is truly disgusting.

What a germ spreader.

Maybe she idolizes Brit-Brit. Poor thing.

soccer mom in denial said...

Just yesterday I saw a young woman walking around a gas station in (with?) her barefoot.

In both instances I say


Mamma said...

Jen wins! I love her comment!!!

And the idea of going into a public restroom barefoot just made me throw up a little in my mouth. Thanks for being Johnny on the spot with the camera.

Anonymous said...

Nasty! And it's nasty because...well, you've been in a very heavily utilized public restroom? Like hundreds or thousands of people per day? So where a regular restroom usually has the inexplicable "how did they even do that?" pee and feces on the floor...imagine the very busy one. And then walking barefoot through it, and on into a restaurant or wherever. I never, ever wear shoes at home, either, but in public...

On Sen. Craig, I'm making my call here and now. He'll be outed before September's up. His gay luvah will be all over the t.v. Maybe he can take that 3-Week Miracle Homosexuality Cure that Ted Haggard did!

Madame M. said...



at least it wasn't Senator Craig "barefoot" in the bathroom at SeaWorld instead ;)

CableGirl said...

If you love tabloids, do you read PerezHilton.com? My personal favorite junk celebrity information site. :D

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Go to TMZ.com