Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Vacation Thought

Let's get something out in the open, friends, Gunfighter is all man, and as such, feels no problem with stating the obvious. Like the sign says: I heart (and I really mean heart) the boobies.

OK, now that I have said this, I have some words of wisdom, or maybe just an overstated observation, to share with you.

Yesterday, we spent the day at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. While we were there, we went on the Winnie The Pooh Ride, The Magic Teacups, the irritating but addictive (and blessedly cool) Small World ride and many others. The park wasn't crowded and the lines weren't long... we had a great time. Something came to my notice, while we were there. Something that I have noticed before, but really hadn't spent too much time thinking about.

You guessed it: Boobies.

Now, these weren't carnal thoughts about boobs. As many as were on display, I happen to be rather fond of Mrs GF's plentitude. No, these thoughts were on how they were displayed.

It seems to me, in the days of female empowerment, that it is counterintuitive to be a rather splendidly bosomed woman and go about in public wearing a too-tight T-Shrt that says "JUICY!", stretched out across her chest,

Now, I don't really have a problem, here. On one level I thought to myself when I saw this woman "Yeah, they look great, alright", but I also thought, "I hope she doesn't catch me (or the other ten guys that were getting an eyeful) looking".

I guess what I am getting at is: Make up your minds! I try to be a progressive man, and not stare at the boobage, after all, staring is rude. However, if you don't want the notice, don't put it out there like that.

Did I just make a sexist statement? Have I betrayed my finely tuned inner Alan Alda & Phil Donahue? I hope not.

I understand that it is OK to want to be attractive. I understand that wanting to be attractive, even sexy. I understand that being attractive or sexy isn't an invitation to be leered at, or an invitation to rude suggestions or worse. Having said all of that, dear ladies, when the boobies get put out like that, don't expect me, the soul of restraint (uh huh), or most men, not to take note.

Serious note.


Real Life Drama Queen said...

Dispite what some women say. I think that is the point. I know when I wear my cleavage shirts, it is My point.

Keep loving the boobies.

Heather said...

Yeah, when women wear the boobie-sharing shirts, they're looking for some googling. That's my opinion.

Even when it's hot you can find shirts that are cool but not boobie-eye-catching.

I'm fairly certain, if the missus doesn't mind, that you can keep boobie surfing without penalty.

Gunfighter said...


"Keep loving the boobies"

I shall.

King Isepik said...

I'm in the same boat as you, GF. The boobies are soooooooooo nice. :) I have no qualms about looking if they are framed and served up to me, though I try my very best not to injure myself or others getting a good view. :)

In deference to the Queen, I try not to be too obvious about it in her presence. I don't hide the looks, but I don't want to make her feel bad or anything.

Anyway, "Lovin' da boobies!"

Desert Songbird said...

Duly noted. Not that my boobs are worth flaunting.

Jenn in Holland said...

You have put yourself on display here for sure, GF!
And I simply must say that your adoration and public declaration of such for your wife's plentitude, is just grand.

Rebecca said...

came earlier and tried to comment but it seemed to take ten thousand billion years to I left..but now am back....anyway... I was gonna say... women can find it hard not to stare when breasts are exposed like that too. (it can be a real effort to maintain strict eye contact) I think it's best just to make a polite comment. "Oh my, what lovely breasts you have, dear". Then you may stare for a moment. Smile. And move on.

Anonymous said...

You are perfectly just in your...admiring...of what is set forth. Like RLDQ, when I wear a tighter-than-normal shirt, especially one with a message emblazoned across the front and maybe a low neckline, it's 'cause I wanna feel purty. An appreciative look is welcome. A slobbering leer is not. Ever.

Red said...

As a woman with boobage you can't help it when the shirt is a bit tight. But if you have the boobage then you've had the boobage for sometime and you know how to dress it and the reactions.
Personally, I don't over clevage but I have to laugh when I get unexpected reactions because sometimes I forget how big they are.

super des said...

I hate those shirts.
I think that if you (coyly) want people to look at your breasts, you can do better than a trashy t-shirt.

But what do I know?

viciousrumours said...

As a well endowed woman I can honestly say I have two types of shirts. I have the "stare at me and worship at the alter of my breatful wonder" shirts. And I have the "please don't stare, I'm someones mother" shirts.

I wear each kind of shirt when I'm feeling in a specific mood. Sometimes I wear shirt type A when I'm out with my husband because it gives him a little bit of a thrill to have other men be jealous. Evil? I think so. Fun? I know so.

I can say this, I never yell at him for noticing the breasts on display. I know where he sleeps at night. Nuff said.

Leslie said...

If I'm showing off my hot ganip-ganaps by way of a revealing t-shirt, I certainly don't mind being noticed. Boobie love is a good thing.

I rarely make an effort to show them off, though. I have an ample bosom, which for some, seems to be reason enough to stare. That's not so cool.

Fourier Analyst said...

I echo a lot of other ladies here when I say that if/when I'm flaunting it, then I appreciate the looks and smiles, but not the leers. If however, I am in my Mommy attire, and doing my usual shopping, then I am probably dressed so that I look like a shapeless lump and you don't realise how much fabric it takes to hide the "plentitude". I ask in those instances you don't make a disgusted face as you are not aware of my figure and it's not as bad as the Omar-the-tentmaker outfits make it appear. Voluptuous is not easy to disguise!!

Anyway GF, for a good time, be sure and visit CathouseTeri's bodyshot blog from Tuesday. And take note of my mention of you in Friday's blog!

Zanne said...

Glad you got that one off your chest? (I just crack myself up!)

Bent Fabric said...

What a coincidence, I heart boobies, too. hehe

scout said...

Any well-endowed exhibitionists riding It's a Small World may simply be engaging in irony, but subjecting too much exposed cleavage to the rigors of the teacup ride seems unwise.

PT-LawMom said...

LOL! You're so funny, GF. I think most women appreciate the looks as long as they aren't ogling ones. And if they're wearing shirts like that, well, they really shouldn't be surprised.

Melanie said...

I've got to say that as a woman who has always been tiny... When I did have quite a large chest due to nursing I flaunted it!! Not in a trashy way like some of these pics though!
I showed them off nicely and enjoyed the attention, figuring it wouldn't last!

Flower Child said...

I've been on those rides. Those are fakes. Must have been or they would have been flying all over the place.

Janet said...

Did you let Lloyd ghost write today's entry? Just asking.

cathouse teri said...

We love it when you notice our boobies. IN FACT, we assume that you do. What we admire, is a man who can look at them and NOT get caught! AHA! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a woman who is tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and attractive. I have also been blessed witha great Aryan/Scandinavian physique -- which includes long legs, tiny waist, and big breasts. I have always been leared at, and I can say I am not flattered by it. In fact, I often think less of the man.

We are women. People. With ideas. We are not sex in heels.

I find cleavage very distasteful. Having said that, most women flaunt it these days.I would rather be modest.

I frankly don't understand how women can flaunt their parts. Imagine that porn is a multi billion dollar industry. Men spend hard earned cash to relieve themselves with images of your mammaries. Do you really want those thought in the head of a man who may be committed to another, or who may be your father, son, boss, relation, or just plain stranger? I wonder how fathers perceive their daughters in such cleavage baring shirts...or their neighbors.

Cleavage doesn't say, "I am woman." It says, "I love the power I get through using/misusing my sexuality." Let's be realistic, sex is power. Exposing breasts makes a woman more vulnerable, soft on the one hand, and more powerful (from a sexual standpoint) on another. Its intent is usually manipulative. Women know exactly what kind of power they have and how men react when they see exposed cleavage. They are feeding male addictions for sex and/or mammaries.

We are not animals. I would rather relate to people on a higher, more elevated level. My breasts are for me and my boy friend to enjoy - not the world, not your pervy friend or father. While I love being admired in nice form fitting clothing, I also don't want someone looking down my blouse and up my skirt.

What mystifies me is the narcissism of so many women that they need this kind of salacious attention (Don't they ahve self esteem -- and how is this empowerment. Do you really want men giggling about your nipples in the locker room? How empowering!)

People seem addicted to sensuality and sex like PAvlovian dogs. For all you who say, "I love boobies..let me see more..." Please grow up." It's like we have a nation of eternal adolescents.

As a result of these views, women are often not taken seriously. If they are focused and professional and not exposing tits, they are seen as unfeminine, threatening, or lesbians. Men demean us as being only as good as our sexuality suggests. People are swapping partners as often as they change underwear.

Come on. Enough already. let's return to modest, decorum, and standards.

Look. I love my breasts. They are also fabulous. There is a whole lot more to life than breasts.
To be honest, when I see a woman exposing her cleavage, I wonder why she needs that kind of attention, what is lacking inside that makes her do that. I wonder about her upbringing, breeding, even intelligence. Boobs are not meant to be empowering. They are meant to be part of your body, to share with your husband, to nurse your children, to definine your femininity -- not to titillate anonymous men and to get everyone's attention while you bend over and allow them a glimpse of your sexual organs.

Geez, how would women feel if men ran around iwth peekaboo pants -- so we could get a glimpse of their balls. Please.

Gunfighter said...


You pretty much lost me with your comments about your "Aryan" physique.

Using a term like Aryan causes people not to take you seriously in the first place.

Do you even know what "Aryan" means?

Clearly all you know is how the Nazis misused the term.

You madam, are an Assclown.

Begone... and take your Nazi tits with you.