Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Race In The Blogosphere


Mamma said...

Why do we read you?! ;)

Do you think you'd feel differently if you were trying to generate income from your blog?

Do you pay attention to the race/ethnicity of the writers whose blogs you read? It sounds from your description that you do.

Do you assume different experiences of those writers based upon their race/ethnicity?

Brillig said...

I think that one of the reasons I read your blog IS because you're black. Okay, that sounds all wrong. But let me explain myself. Your "view from here" is very interesting to me, because it's not very often that I get to sit down with a male, black, gunfighting, Lutheran, kilt-wearing, loving father. Reading your blog is like picking your brain--seeing what your view really is. And you know what? Despite how completely opposite you and I are by these descriptions, our views are remarkably the same. I find that utterly fascinating.

Someone recently described my blog readership as "eclectic". I'm not sure if she intended it as compliment or criticism. I, naturally, took it as the highest possible compliment. I couldn't be happier with the diversity I've found here in bloglandia, and the various "views" I therefore get to see.

Great post, GF. Have fun on vacation!

Fourier Analyst said...

Funny, but until you mentioned it, I had not paid attention to the race of the bloggers I read. And I suddenly realized that a couple are black, and I have not idea about several others as they do not post pictures or even talk about it. It just isn't an issue and in my mind it shouldn't be. Yeah, I know you are because you have put up your picture and at times you "flaunt your blackness" with a few, well-chosen ethnic phrases. But on the whole, I don't even think about it. More than anything I am drawn in by your liberal mind-set, your role as a gun-toting crimefighter, and your demonstration of conscious fatherly love. If you were blogging about rap and snitchin' and graffiti and video games, I wouldn't be around. I don't read my nephew's blog for those very reasons, and he's white!!

Have a great vacation and look after your knee!!

Alex Elliot said...

That is a really interesting post. I read your blog because I like your writing. In fact, you write such thought provoking posts (maybe not the shoot em up Friday!) that my husband's reads your blog too.

A few months ago, I hired a graphic artist to do my banner. I didn't say anything about my race. The picture on the banner is one of a white women with straight hair and pearls. I thought it was interesting that she assumed that I was white. I also have curly hair and don't even own pearls (that is just so not me), however I liked the overall banner so I kept it.

Gunfighter said...


I don't know if you would feel differently. If I were generating income... I never thought about it.

No, I don't pay attnetion to the race of my readers or of those whose blogs I read, unless their blogs are written from a racial or ethnic perspective, and perspective rules all.

I don't assume experiences based on race, because not everyone has the same experience.


Isn't finding sameness in the face of extreme difference one of the best things about the 'net?


I "flaunt" my blackess with ethnic phrases? How so?

Regarding my mindset... I don't know how liberal it is. You would find me way to the right of many people when it comes to national security and law enforcement issues.


I'm glad you like my writing... thank you. I have the occaisional moment.

Now, what do you mean shoot 'em up friday isn't thought provoking????

I'm shocked.


Glennia said...

The blogs I read regularly are the ones that I am drawn to because of the quality of the writing and the quality of the content. Based on this post, I'll definitely be back to read more.

Madame M. said...

Jeez.... why don't they just call you "Uncle Tom" while they are at it.

It's really amazing how people blatantly refuse to be pleased. My best friend in high school was given a very hard time for not being "black enough" either, and she was very resentful for it. She felt like a total pariah.

It was lovely meeting you the other day (I mentioned you on my blog, btw), and I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

curlygirl said...

And to think all this time I read your blog and others because I enjoy them and not for any other reason. I feel so sorry for those who choose to read or not read something based on the author's race, religion, sex ect. What narrow minded individuals. Oh, and for the record I am a biracial(black/white),married, female with a degree.

viciousrumours said...

I read you because you are intelligent and funny. I have to say that I get irratated with people who want to seperate themselves out along racial lines. I understand being proud of your heritage and I'm all for that, but I dislike it when someone makes me feel like I can't have a discussion with them or be friends with them because I'm not the "same" as they are.

When I was in highschool I set two friends up on a blind date. They were perfect for each other. Similar interests, similar senses of humor. I waited for the guy to call me and tell me what he thought of the girl. The first thing he said was, "You didn't tell me she was black." It had honestly never occured to me. I asked him if it mattered. He said no, he was taking her out again the next weekend, but why hadn't I mentioned it?

I'm still that way. Naive? Probably. But I believe, in my soul, that we create boundries and that we can remove them.

I've like to link click from other peoples blogs. I like to read things I wouldn't normally read. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't, but I've discovered that even among those bloggers who think they're very different from me, we still have experiences in common. We're all a lot more alike than we want to believe.

the only daughter said...

Your spot is off the chain, Yo!

You always give me something to think, laugh, reminiscence or coo (soccer girl is so cute)about.

The recipies..ahh..yum.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I started coming to your blog after you were a guest blogger over at MamaLee's at Full Plate.

I was interested at first, because you are in law enforcement, so is my husband. I saw that you were Christian (was impressed by the rosaries you make) ... and you are from Virginia ...

and, OMG you are a huge liberal ...
and I am a huge conservative...
(not sure if I have one drop of liberal blood in me) ....
but hey...

that made it kinda fun for me.
I like to see how the "other side thinks". But I do agree w/ somethings .. just not all....

If you've noticed ... I've learned to keep my trap shut if I don't agree totally .... I was getting schlapped around here a little bit for a while. Now, I just read your stuff (and the comments) and exit if I don't want to get sclapped around. Or ... I just say "Oh boy" or "hummm"" ....

I do notice that you rarely visit my blog though. Maybe you stop by but choose to not comment?

Hip Hip Horray for Bobby Sherman and Tom Jones!!

MedStudentWife said...

"Why do we read you" - and your answer is parallel to the question I struggle with at times, "Why do I blog?" Is it for me or for a particular or non-particular audience.

I read you because of what you say and how you phrase it. I found you because of a link in a blog I also read.

Have a great holiday GF !! You deserve it !! :D

Melanie said...

I agree with Brillig's first whole paragraph! I'm here because I just plain and simple enjoy reading your view on things!

King Isepik said...

Too funny.

I got a lot of "You talk like a White guy" when I was growing up because I decided I wanted to do things correctly. I wanted to use proper English when I spoke. I wanted to know how to read. I actually LIKED to read, etc, etc. I became the target of bullies from every race we had in my school and didn't have many friends.

Each person is different and if you wanted to really make a big issue of each of our differences, you could easily claim that there are 6 + billion races on this planet or 1 single race. I prefer 1 as that's easier to count. :) What you look like, who/what/how you worship, who you prefer to become intimate with has no bearing on whether or not I like you or will read what you have to say. If you have a good point on a topic that interests me, or what you have to say is entertaining, I will read it - and possibly come to like you.

That being said, I continue to enjoy reading GF's blogs though I don't comment very much (my commenting seems to be cyclical). It's a good read and I hope it stays around for quite some time. :)

Lady M said...

I came to your site through the Blog Exchange, and found the kilt & law enforcement angle intriguing. Since then, I've been enjoying your great posts.

I had thought very little about race in the blogosphere until someone linked to me as a way of pointing out one of the (small) group of non-white bloggers she knew. Still thinking about what I want to say on this topic at my place.

Great post, thanks!

Conseula said...

People really actually told you that they stopped reading your blog because you're not black enough? Wow. Noone's actually told me that to my face since college (though I suspect that people are saying it all the time).

DJ Black Adam said...

Not Black enough? Oy Veh...You know GF, I have had a few people who visted my Blog e-mail me similar "comments", to hell with them.

You are one of the coolest, down to earth, intelligent brothers I know in the blog circle I have had the pleasure to correspond with.

Now you see why there is a need for "mandatory" indoctrine classes for folks who want to come over to Liberia when we set up shop!!

Gunfighter said...

Thanks for the kind words, all. I hope I didn't come across as a solcitation for validation... that wasn't my intent.

Madame M.,

Already been called that.


Keep the Faith




Yes. Ain't that a damned shame?

slouching mom said...

The first time I clicked over to read you, it was because of your moniker -- dude, Gunfighter? What could be cooler than that?

And I assumed you were a dad, not a mom, based on the moniker.

So, for me, your career choice and your gender trumped all else.

Why have I come back? Because you write well. That's the only reason I ever come back to anyone's site.

willam said...

you got one white drag queen to add to your list too.

PunditMom said...

It's an interesting discussion and a great post. I was at the session at BlogHer where Stefania from CityMama and Kimchi Moms raised the issue. I read who I enjoy reading and whose blogs resonate with me, but race plays into it a bit for me since I feel like I straddle the worlds -- a Caucasian mom to an Asian daughter.

Lawyer Mama said...

I think I said in the comments to the BlogRhet post that there are two reasons I read your blog: because of what we have in common and because of what we don't.

Basically, this: "People read the blogs that they like and that they want to continue to read" is spot on. I like what you have to say, so I keep coming back. Sometimes I don't agree with you, but I tell you and we have a discussion. It's the differences that make us interesting.

Well, and I think it's really cool that you wear kilts.

Gunfighter said...

"Well, and I think it's really cool that you wear kilts."

...and when you get right to it, a guy in a kilt is damn near as hot as you get.

Flower Child said...

you wear a kilt? I totally missed that! And all this time I had avoided reading your blog because you're not Irish enough.

Amy Barry said...

I first read your blog because I saw reference to it or your comments on other blogs (SMID and Jenn in Holland for two). Actually I am still working my way through it and wishing you lived nearby so we could have dinner with you and Mrs. Gunfighter sometime. From the posts I have read so far you guys seem like fun people with similar attitudes, likes, and views to ours. I think so far you are one of only 2 Dads on my blog list and I think the only black person (not by choice, just finding mostly mommy blogs, which have more mommy blog links, and mostly mommies commenting on them). It's nice to read a non-mommy blog on occassion!

I love that you are sharing your thoughts on this! I hope to hear more in the future because it is interesting to me to hear perspectives on race issues from those who might experience them first hand. Especially from someone one who is so well read, well rounded and balanced in life. I think these blogs provide a great venue for this type of discussion since the subject is not an easy one to discuss face to face unless you have a really close friendship with someone of a different race.

I think about it more so now that I live in Central Oregon where any non-white truly is in the minority. The (not so funny) joke in Central Oregon is that diversity here is the color of your subaru. It is the one thing that is really lacking here and the one thing that my husband and I worry a bit about when it comes to raising kids here. I wonder if and when to broach the topic with him. Stay silent and he will learn on his own, or just teach him about different cultures celebrating differences - including those among whites such as French, Italian, German, Irish, gay, straight, different religions, etc? And when, if at all, do I broach the subject of racism and discrimination? I would just as soon he not know such things exist, but at the same time I don't want him to grow up naive or with blinders on either.

So, I look forward to hearing more from you on the subject. Greatly enjoying your other posts as well.