Saturday, August 4, 2007


My oldest daughter, fastpitch, has a MySpace account. She uses it, like so many other teenagers do, to communicate with her friends from school, church, and the local 4H, to which she belongs.

When I found out that she had a MySpace page, we talked about it and she was very excited about the fact that I was so "cool" about it, and electronic social activity in general. I didn't bother to tell her about my blog, but I assured her that I was just fine with things like MySpace and Facebook, when used responsibly.

The funny thing is that she and I now communicate via MySpace nearly every day. It is usually only a note to say hello or something... but she thinks that it is pretty cool that her dad visits her page and has one of his own (as lame as my page is!).

She is a good kid.... and today is her eighteenth birthday! I can't believe it. More on that at my Real Dads blog, later.

I'm glad that she is glad that I visit her MySpace area... and that she didn't feel the need to keep it secret from me.



Madame M. said...

Happy 18th, Fastpitch! :oD

Rambler said...

Hey wishing your daughter a very happy birthday..
I guess social websites are the in thing today, in most of the cases I just feel its more like a passing phaze

Desert Songbird said...

Can't go wrong when you keep the lines of communication open. Good for you, good for her.

Lawyer Mama said...

Ooh, 18! Happy birthday, Fastpitch!

the only daughter said...

18 is such a special age--as are they all. Happy, happy, joy, joy to Fastpitch. Congrats dad!

Dads who talk with their daughters, whatever, whenever are...golden. And pretty cool too!

Fourier Analyst said...

Congrats GF and Best wishes to Fastpitch! It really is fantastic that she feels able to be honest and open with you and in this day and age of electronic communications why not use it as a tool instead of a barrier? Way cool!!

Grimm said...

A funny thing, when I first considered starting my blog - I had opened a MySpace account.

It lasted just a few hours until my wife found out.

Happy 18th! A few days late!

super des said...

My 14-year old niece has a myspace account, and her mom (my stepsister) also has one. She uses it to keep tabs, and they are both ok with that. My niece didn't even mind when her mom became my "friend" so I became her "friend" too.

It is a good way to stay in touch.