Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A cd Review: Katherine McPhee

Kat McPhee has finally released her first post American Idol cd. The following are my thoughts about it.

Katherine McPHee is a pretty girl with a sweet, strong voice but…

There is already a Christina Aguilera in the world.

There is already a Mariah Carey in the world.

Kat McPhee is neither one of them, and she shouldn’t try to be… but she tries on this cd. In fact, she tries too hard!

Bloody awful is what it is. It’s musical torture.

Don’t buy it.

Don’t download it.

Don’t put it on your iPod.



Zanne said...

Oh nooooooooooo! I just did buy it and even worse...(don't tell anyone)'s for a gift! Hope I'm not gonna end up in the doghouse!

Leslie said...

Oh, I had such high hopes for her. I loved her on American Idol. I thought she looked like a young Linda Rondstadt (who is one of my favorites!) and it seemed like she had a lot of potential. Although I read in a certain disreputable entertainment publication that she's not so much about the music as the partying right now. Maybe that's her problem.

Lloyd said...

That's too bad because she's hot like fire.

Gunfighter said...

No doubt Lloyd... no doubt about that at all.

Grimm said...

Kat McPhee parties? Get out of here!

Sorry, unlike my wife, I never caught McFever on Idol - but instead I went with my first pick from the get go - Taylor Hicks.