Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Haka!

The Haka is a traditional Maori challenge before battle, and is performed before every match played by the New Zealand national rugby team, known by the name The All Blacks. The All Blacks are the most feared and respected rugby players in the world.

The Black Ferns are New Zealand's National women's rugby side, and are the current Women's Rugby World Cup Champions (played in Canada, this summer).

I tried to get some video (with sound) of the Black Ferns distinctive Haka, but I couldn't, so here is the video sans sound.

The women's haka isn't an invitation to combat, rather it is a ritual of their togetherness as a team.

In either event, as a rugby player (not that I am, mind you), I would be intimidated by either of these groups.


Grimm said...

Man, that looks freaking sweet. I really need to see that on TV.

I think I will bring that up when softball season comes around - do that before every game.

Seriously - that is totally cool.

JMK said...

Wow! That gave me chills. I'm assuming this ritual is based on an aboriginal rite? I think I've seen something similar in my favorite film of all time, Baraka.

I think if I was on the opposing team, I would have wet my pants by now.

JMK said...

Oops. Duh. The first sentence of your entry contains the word "Moari." That would make it native/aboriginal. Sorry about the misread.

My word verification includes the word "gulp." That would be me... gulping in fear... after I wet my pants!