Tuesday, February 27, 2007

THIS is freezing rain???

The weather report for this past sunday was for periods of freezing rain and or sleet.

When I woke up sunday morning, what I saw was this:

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I wasn't amused.

This was the early part of the storm, it snowed for several hours after this. By the time the it stopped, we had about six inches of snow.

I spent quite a long time shoveling... which I could have done without.

Here is the thing... what is up with people that shovel the snow from their driveway into the street?


Lloyd said...

I HATE the "throw the snow onto the street" people. It's rude.

Janet said...

That's funny, we had a forecast of snow but got freezing rain instead. I guess we must have traded.

PunditMom said...

The only good thing, which I see you did, as well, was trying to take some pics out the window. Plus it was a good excuse for a fire in the fireplace!

Tasha said...

The "throw snow in the street" people figure that the plows will do the dirty work for them. That makes me soo angry!

CreoleInDC said...

Am I glad I missed THAT! It was 78 in New Orleans! Whooooooohoooooooo! When we heard it was snowing here...we hi-fived. ROFL!

super des said...

We don't have so much snow, but not the rain either that they've been promising.

I'm glad I don't have to shovel snow.

Kelley said...

I'm so jealous, GF - send some of that snow down my way! They've had snow in Charlottesville, snow up in DC, but no snow here in Richmond. Having a snowless winter has been very strange.

Gunfighter said...


I could use a snowless winter.

Terri said...

What I would do to see snow..
it doesn't snow here...
well... once every 10 years it might snow..

Looks beautiful to me!

Gunfighter said...


It is only fun for a while. Then you have to start shoveling... which isn't really a lot of fun. Trust me.

WordsRock said...

That crazy snow storm left Wendy, my sister and me stranded in NYC! What an adventure it was. By the time we made it home, our neighbor (70 years old, mind you) had shoveled our driveway for us.

I adore snow. Even when it inconveniences.

PS: Snow shoveling is excellent aerobic exercise with the added benefit of immediate visual gratification. Embrace the snow!