Sunday, February 4, 2007

Gunfighter Dreams

Again, you ask yourself... what does Gunfighter dream about on an early sunday morning? Well, even if you weren't asking... I'll share anyway.

I was standing in a field next to the local Wal-Mart... about 1/2 a mile from our house, talking to two other men about feral housecats keeping down the vermin population.

The scene shifts to the inside of a house, talking to my best friend from childhood, Oliver (note: I have only seen Oliver twice since 1981... the last time being 1990). Oliver and I were talking about the fact that he had just rigged a parachute especially for me... and that we should try it soon. I buckled the 'chute to my body, and the scene shifted again.

Now we are on some sort of platform... or a ramp of an airplane... Oliver said, "Let's go!" and we jumped. We weren't using a static line, so I had to pull the rip-cord myself. I pulled the wrong cord. Uh-oh. Learning which cord to pull while free-falling is bad. Very bad. The good thing is that I kept my cool. Just before impact I had a thought: "I'll slow down if I fly in cirlces!", So I put my arms out to the side and flew in circles (scene shift) around my own living room (no, I wasn't doing drugs last night... I was watching rugby). I stopped flying around my living room, and stood up, and then I woke up.

This was at about 0445 this morning.

NOTE: Oliver looked like he did in high school. I looked old and fat like I do now.


super des said...

Dreams are fun. I'm surprised you were able to record it so well.

Anali said...

Sounds like a fun dream. You must have had some good REM sleep!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Did you eat spicy food last night? I think I read somewhere that spicy food can cause you to have strange dreams. As long as you're SURE you have been taking mass quantities of mild altering drugs! (hee-hee)

According to Mr. Mayhem, I boss kids around in my sleep......that and grind my teeth!

Gunfighter said...


Ther reason that I was able to post it so early is because I couldn't go back to sleep. Trust me when I tell you that I wasn't thrilled about being awake at 5 A.M. on a Sunday.

super des said...

I'm not sure if that's a fair trade. I'm all for sleeping past 5am, especially on Sundays.

Grimm said...

At least you didn't have a Bugs Bunny cartoon with an anvil coming out og the parachute.

Just be careful of deja vu. I have often experienced things that I have once dreamed in the past.

Gunfighter said...


Deja Vu would be great! That is, if I could fly.