Saturday, February 24, 2007

Life In The Bubble

Are you one of the millions and millions of people that live their lives in a bubble? You know the kind of folks I'm talking about, don't you? The kind of people that live in a world that usually ends about 36 inches from the tip of their nose?

Bubble people are strange.

Bubble people are the kind of folks that stand in the middle of the aisle in your busy local store or shop, not once thinking that their cart and sizable ass backside* are blocking the progress of everyone around them. They are the people to whom you say: "excuse me", in hopes that they will take the polite hint and shift just a bit so you can get by. Unfortunately, since bubble lady (or bubble man, since bubble-world isn't sexist) is indeed living in a bubble, she doesn't hear you, because you aren't inside the bubble with her. So you say "Excuse Me!" again, a bit more forcefully, at which time bubble person comes back to earth, smiles and apologizes for being in the way.

I have spent more time than is probably prudent thinking about bubble people, but I'm strange like that, I guess. I have come to the conclusion, just a few hours ago, as a matter of fact, that these people are not being rude intentionally. Generally speaking, they aren't particularly uncouth, ill-mannered clods. Indeed these people just pay no notice to the world going by around them. They exist in an extremely finite space. They are the people that walk right past you on the street, and even though you see this person nearly everyday, unless you bump into them or call their name, they will walk past you, close enough to touch, and never notice that you were there.

Leave the bubble people! It isn't healthy in there.



*I'm not hatin' on people with big backsides, mind you, it is a simple problem of spatial geometry.


Leslie said...

I know just what you mean. I've enountered bubble people. I think I've been in the bubble a few times in my life, too.

Excellent post.

super des said...

I live in a bubble of sorts. Not the supermarket thing, but when I'm walking down the street, unless I'm looking for you specifically, I will not notice you unless you call out and get my attention. Even if you're my best friend. Sometimes ya just gotta ignore people!

Gunfighter said...

That's tough for me to do, Des... I look into the face and try to meet the eyes of everyone that comes into proximity with me.

(that could be the reason that I am the guy that everyone asks for directions)

Anali said...

This reminds me of all the people on the subway who stand with their gigantic backpacks on their backs and don't notice or care that they are whacking people in the head or other parts. It's so annoying and painful.

For the walking down the street thing or even hall, I do have a problem with that. I'm nearsighted and only wear my glasses when driving or watching movies. If I wear them when I'm walking, it looks really weird up close. So when I'm walking around, I can't see peoples faces from a distance. People may think I'm ignoring them, but I just can't see them!

Janet said...

I wonder if it is bubble people or bubble moments? I think all of us can be in a bubble at sometime. I am good in the grocery store, but I am definitely oblivious to people on the street. Mick complains about it all the time, but I can't help it. People just aren't real to me until I talk to them one on one.