Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Tag!

OK, Grimm... this is for you, dude.

6 Weird things about Gunfighter:

1. I would rather wear a kilt than wear trousers. Men, if you ever wore a kilt you'd know why practically instantly.

2. I know almost all of the lyrics to every song in "Damn Yankees", as well as the movie's dialogue. My sister was in the play when she was in high school, and she used me to coach her on her lines, so I had to read ALL of the other parts except for hers.

3. I don't like butter... or margarine, or any other butter-like spread. I'll cook with it, but I don't like eating it on things.

4. See number 3, but insert Mayonnaise (including miracle whip) in the appropriate places.

5. When I was a kid, I hated cheese burgers. Don't ask why, I'm not really sure, myself.

6. When I as in 7th grade, I memorized "The Charge of The Light Brigade, and "The Raven". Ok, so I have the odd Rainman-like moment, get off of my back, willya?

Grimm says that I have to tag six other people, but guess what, dude? you're only gettin' five, and one of them is your Missus! Take that! Hmm, one of the people I have in mind is a southern girl with guns, who would probably tell me to f*** off if I tagged her, so I'll have to think of some others.

OK, here we go, Tahsa, TTBM, Leslie, Janet K., Zanne

Alla y'all (I have to work really hard on the southernese... it doesn't come natural to me) can consider yourselves tagged.



Tasha said...

Do you memorize these things by choice or does it just happen? I'm funny about mayonnaise too.

I got your tag, and posted my oddball six. :-D

Grimm said...

Thanks man, tis appreciated. Just so I know, are these things like those annoying chain letters?

If so, I apologise. Never did one before- I AM SO SORRY!

Once again thanks.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Kilts more comfy than trousers, eh? I suppose, if I was a guy, I'd like that, too. Less constraining.

But, as a woman, wearing a skirt usually means two things: I'm going to have to wear nylons/tights ('cause I just can't do the barefoot in the heels thing) and I'm going to have to wear shoes with a heel that is more than 1" high.

Ergo, trousers are more comfy than something that requires either of those two accoutrement.

Syd said...

I'm so with you on the Mayo thing. I hate the stuff. And I still think cheese ruins a good burger.

Kathleenios said...

I didn't realize so many other people shared my distaste for mayo. I think it's the most vile substance known to man. Or woman.

I myself would rather wear a skirt or kilt than pants and applaude any man with the guts to wear a kilt.

Gunfighter said...

"Less constraining"


Anonymous said...

That kilt thing? Too funny...But wouldn't that be sort of like women going around without a bra? Some things are just meant to be contained.


I had to sign on as "anon"...Yes yes I know I'll get around to switching...soon.

Gunfighter said...


Some things SHOULD be restrained. Some things NEVER should be restrained. All a matter of comfort, I reckon. I should probably let it go at that. :)

Leslie said...

I got the tag. I'm a little slow, but mine is up.

Lawyer Mama said...

I'm totally with you on numbers 3, 4, AND 5. I thought I was the only weirdo out there. Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to hear weird things about others. Makes you feel more normal!