Saturday, December 16, 2006

A CD Review

Nothing pithy today.

Not even anything particularly silly... unless you think that it is silly that I bought American Idol winner Taylor Hicks' new CD on the day it was released.

Here is the story: If you have been reading my blog, particularly my birthday post on December 6th, you will know that I am a fan of American Idol, my addiction to which will be the subject of a different post, after that start of the new year.

I enjoy the show, and I enjoyed last season much more than I did the season before, in which the odious Carrie Underwood was selected as the winner. This season we had the very enjoyable and entertaining Taylor Hicks to watch and listen to week after week.

Taylor Hicks was probably not the best singer in the bunch... clearly the show ISN'T about the best singer, or Mandisa would have been crowned winner after week number 2, but I digress. Taylor Hicks was, however, the most entertaining of them all. His soulful voice and ability to laugh at himself made him popular enough for the top slot.

So, what is a fan of old-school soul music supposed to do when this new son of "blue-eyed soul" releases his long-anticipated CD? Well, you go out and buy it.. that's what you do.

So... off to Target I went. I found the CD quite handily on an end cap, and took it home for a listen while I did stuff around the house.

Folks, it ain't half bad. I think that there are songs that could be successful on both pop/Top 40 radio, as well as more, ahem, "urban" radio stations. Naturally there is some small degree of useless treacle, but show me an album that doesn't have at least ONE song you don't like.

The bottom line for me is that as first efforts go, this was solid work. If Hicks can make the second CD at least this strong, he'll do just fine.



Leslie said...

I love American Idol.

Dave had to start watching in order for me to agree to marry him.

I can't wait for the new season!

Grimm said...

Little known fact (until now), I predicted Taylor Hicks to win last season after his initial tryout.

I apologise profusely.

Tasha said...

I like Idol as well, but I usually only tune in for the auditions and after the final 10 have been chosen.

vasilisa said...

I was addicted to the first season, but then kinda lost steam... I think Will Hung did it for me.

I shell check out the CD. I actually like pop music...

Paige said...

I was hooked on American Idol during the season that the AJC wouldn't stop talking about Diana DeGarmo. I watched it just to see what the fuss was all about, thought the AJC was nuts and then became obsessed with seeing Fantasia win.

Gunfighter said...

Hi Paige!

Would it be too much to ask you who or what the AJC is?

(of course, as soon as I send this, I'll get it and feel like an idiot!)

Kelley said...

I haven't followed American Idol since the first season (I thought Kelly Clarkson was so adorable!), so I can't really comment about Hicks. But last year one of the finalists was a Richmond native (Elliot something?) and the city went wild. I was amazed. He came here to do a perforance, and the streets were lined with fans to greet his limo; it was insane!

Janet said...

AJC = Atlanta Journal Constitution (I think)

Albums on which I like every song:
Prefab Sprout "Two Wheels Good" ("Steve McQueen" in England)
Thomas Dolby "Aliens Ate my Buick"
There are probably more, including several Beatles albums, but why belabor the point.

I have only ever watched one episode fo American Idol and I was quite shocked. Simon told someone he sounded like the back line of The Temptations and meant it as an insult. Every singer I know, particularly Mick, would have been extremely flattered by that comment.

Heather said...

I am also a huge fan of American Idol! I can't wait for it to start up again! I really liked Mandisa from last season. Is she doing anything professionally? My favorite thing was when she got after Simon for being so ugly about her weight! I must admit, I really like Taylor Hicks! I have his song on my Ipod. I will have to go out and get his new CD.

Bent Fabric said...

Love AI! Taylor not so much. He can sing, but dancing is not his forte. lol I enjoy his performances much better with my eyes closed.

I loved Katharine, but not necessarily for her singing ability. hehe

Oh, and Mandisa had it going on.