Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Dreams

So... you are probably asking yourself, right this minute, "Gee, what DOES a gunfighter dream about on Christmas?" Well, I'll tell you.

Last night/this morning, I dreamt about being named to the SWAT team in a local jurisdiction, here in northern Virginia. In this dream, I was also named as an alternate for the FBI's Hostage Recue Team (HRT).

Now, I kknow you might be thinking that this is some sort of understandable thing to dream about for someone that is in law enforcement. You might be right... except for the fact that I have no real desire to do SWAT-type work. To be quite frank, I am too old, too fat, and have too many old injuries, to do that kind of high-speed, low-drag crap (although I really DO look cool in a pair of Oakleys).

So, where did this come from? I mean, yesterday was Christmas... did I dream about Olivia's candle-lighting in church on Christmas eve (so CUTE), or the great gifts that I received from Mrs Gunfighter? Did I dream about the great meal that I prepared? (photos and comments about that later in the week), did I dream about our peaceful day at home? No. I dreamt about body armor and shooting.



Syd said...

Oh mannnnn, why can't *I* ever dream about body armor and shooting?

Grimm said...

Dude, I think it is something going around.

I had one last night where Jessica Simpson went Jason Vorhees on everyone.

I mean it was a nightmare, but freaking hilarious all at the same time.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

I'd like to have some dreams like that right about now since I'm totally not feeling the love and holly in my heart at this moment. (Glad it's after Christmas, though.)

Seriously, Gunfighter, I think a shrink would have a hey day with your dreams. Perhaps you're feeling protective of Olivia and Mrs. GF right now? Or maybe you're upset about the gifts you did or didn't receive? Or maybe you just like to shoot guns and that's all that it's about....

Okay, I'll get off the Freud Box.

Gunfighter said...


You are probably closer to the mark than you think.

Despte the fact that my office is down the hall from the range, and despite the fact that the week before Christmas we didn't have any shooters, I haven't put any rounds through my pistol in two weeks.

I think I am going through withdrawal.

I'd better get cranking on Tuesday.