Saturday, January 27, 2007

Conversations With Olivia (2)

Setting: While driving near Potomac Mills Mall about a year ago, I MAY have been a trifle late stopping at a traffic signal.

Olivia: "Daddy?"

Me: Yes, babe?

Olivia: "Daddy, that light was red"

Me: (innocently) "Was it, babe?"

Olivia: (not buyin' it) "Yes, it was"

Me: (sheepish) "um…"

Olivia: "Daddy?"

Me: Yes, babe?

Olivia: "God saw that."

Me: "I'm sure he did, babe"



Leslie said...

Oh, she's sweet. And that's funny!

Anali said...

Wow! She got you on that one! You taught her well. Maybe too well... : )

Grimm said...

Ooooo, she pulled out the God card? At 7?

I say you put that one away and pull it out when she is a teenager.

"Honey, it's midnight and your curfew is 11."

"It is?"

"Yes it is."


"God saw that."

Gunfighter said...

Good idea, Grimm... that'll learn her!

Lloyd said...

Very cute! And bright too.

Tasha said...

Very astute young lady, I bet she keeps you on your toes!

Zanne said...

She certainly IS your daughter!
(and you are sooo busted!)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I really HATE when my kids pull the "God" card! How can you argue with that! Sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders.

My daughter has now taken to censoring the radio. The other day she told me a song was inapropriate because it said the word "sexy". She simply could not understand why I found that so amusing!

JMK said...

You go Olivia! Lovely, lovely girl.

Actually, reminds me of a story. My friend's neighbor poisoned his cat and killed it. My friend's wife was so enraged, but could do nothing about it legally. So, she wrote up a sign and hung it in the dining room window facing the cat murderer's house.

The sign said, "God sees you."