Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I trust all of you survived the night’s revelry, or you wouldn’t be reading this… so let’s push on, shall we?

What did you do with yourselves last night? I mean, as in socially… I don’t really want to know what tawdry things you all did with your bodies (but, if you are really keen to share, go ahead!).

In our house, I made a rosary while Susan watched something on television. Near midnight, we paused to watch “Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve” Which has as much “Rockin’” as a Sunday night at a funeral parlor.

Did any of you see this? It was so terrible, even for 10 minutes, that I wanted to look away. I mentioned, in my post of yesterday, that Dick Clark would be wheeled out for his annual Soviet era-styled appearance on television, but I didn’t realize how close to the mark I would be about that.

Dick Clark looked as good as makeup and good lighting (and expensive cosmetic surgery) can make a man who is as old and sick as he is. The problem is that Dick Clark suffered a massive stroke two years ago, and now slurs out his speech in a semi drunken growl that is reminiscent of the original Frankenstein monster and the drunken druggist “Mr Gower” from “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Maybe I should be a bit more sentimental and say that Clark looked great and showed Moxie for just having the ability and the gumption to get on camera after all that he is been through. Maybe I should… but I won’t.

Clark looked terrible. He sounded terrible. In the name of decency, Dick, stop.

Anyway, we watched this for as long as we could, then S went to bed, and I went on to finish the rosary that I am working on (I finished it around 1 a.m.)

Anyway, a New Year is here, and as usual, I am hopeful for better things in 2007.

Do any of you make resolutions? I don’t really know anyone who does… or at least, who admits to them. I usually don’t make any myself, but this year will be different, but I’m not resolving to lose weight, or to buy myself a sports car or any thing like that.

This year I have resolved to read the Bible from front to back. In aid of this, I have to read 7 pages a day from today until December 31st. That’s it. That’s my resolution.




the only daughter said...

I was home. I refrained from watching the television-especially after it was clear the Bears were going to tank.

I saw Dick NYE 2005 and briefly earlier in 2006--I couldn't take it-just too sad. So I stayed away.

I live near enough to Chicago's downtown area-to hear the (& even see a spark) of the fireworks.

Still working out the details of the resolves--but in general-stay active.

Happy New Year - Bill. It was fun getting to know you--looking forward to more.

Grimm said...

And a happy new year to you as well!

I was at work at midnight and called my family as the ball was dropping - wishing I was there instead.

I am torn about Mr. Clark, while I had a hard time watching him, I am getting pretty sick of Ryan Seacrest. And Fergie on that other show...ewww.

PunditMom said...

I felt bad for Dick Clark. I can't believe he agreed to let them haul him out. Tho' having said that, what was worse ... Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest?