Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of The Union

I won't parse the speech. Those that watched it that will probably read my blog already feel the way I do, for the most part. I would, however, like to make the following observations:

1. Dubya's welcome from Congress was respectful, but not even his few remaining Republican stalwarts could make it sound particularly good.

2. Nice of W to make reference to Pelosi's historic role.

3. H. Clinton practically sneered through the speech.

4. Wonder of wonder... W praised the efforts of civilian employees in the federal government! (truthfully, most of us can't wait for that dirtbag to get out of town. You know an administration isn't worth a shit when they spend so much time running down the employees that make the government run).

5. General Schoonmaker, the Army Chief of Staff looked sick. I think he can't wait to get off of that hot-seat.

6. Speaker Pelosi looked great!

7. Vice President Cheney looked like Dick Cheney.

8. Because of Mixter's drinking game, I knocked off 5 bottles of Dominion Ale during the speech... and I was taking it easy.

I think the speech was poor. I also think that none of his logic-challenged words are going to help him convince the people of this country, that we should have any confidence in him as a leader.

On the other hand, the Democratic response, given by my state's new Senator, Jim Webb, was great. He was reasonable, he wasn't shrill, and he got on point from the start, and stayed on point.

I will end here by asking if any of you saw Keith Olbermann's interview with Senator Clinton, prior to the sppech? In it, Olbermann asked the Senator what she thought the state of the union was. She replied with the best answer anyone could have given: "Troubled" . She's right.




Grimm said...

Leslie and I had company over last night and fortunately missed his speech.

And besides, we both mentioned that we could both get a proper analysis from you.

Tasha said...

Watching that made me so furious. Perhaps I should have started drinking during the speech, maybe then I would have been able to better digest the "message"

DJ Black Adam said...

I was done listening after his medical insurance comments. Prince Edward island, here I come...

Gunfighter said...

DJBA... you have a connection in PEI?

JMK said...

GF: You're a finer person than I am. I can't even watch or listen to POTUS anymore. His voice is grating, smarmy, and patronizing. Watching him is like watching a train wreck--you know it's awful and you shouldn't look, but you just can't take you're eyes off of it. The same applies here. Not liking train wrecks, I avoid listening to or watching W like the plague.

Nice round up. Sounds like the beer helped. A lot.

DJ Black Adam said...

Hey Gunfighter:

Don't have a connection there, but the wife and I have debating a move up north for a couple of years now. I do intend on visiting PEI this summer for a vacation though.