Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of The Union - The Drinking Game!

I lifted this, with permission, from a new blog pal. Please give Mixter a visit. She has a good head on her shoulders.

The State of The Union Drinking Game

Okay, how many of you used to play "Bob?" Bob was a drinking game. If you've ever watched The Bob Newhart Show, you may have noticed that the characters say "Bob" a lot. So, resourceful teenagers that we were back in the day, starved for entertainment and wanting to get drunk, we would take a drink any time Carol, Jerry, Emily or Howard would say "Bob." It was almost as fun as playing quarters! (We had a similar game for "Oscar" while watching The Odd Couple.) Yeah, I drank just a bit as a young adult...

So, I've decided that tomorrow night (tonight), during Our Dear Leader's State of the Union Address, I'm gonna get good and sloshed. Wanna play? You're gonna need some beer and some hard liquor. Here are the rules:

Each time Dubya says "September the Eleventh," everyone drinks a shot. I'll be going with tequila, one of my old favorites from way back when.

Each time you catch Dubbie mentioning the "War on Terror," you get to make the other people in the room drink a shot.

Each time Dubbie says "freedom," chug that brewski!

Each time he mentions Osama bin Laden by name, you don't have to do anything: He's not going to mention him anyway...

Other drinking cues: "Liberty," "enemy," "terrorists," and "nukular."
By the time the SOTU address is over (and before you have to listen to the Democrats' response or Chris Matthews' nattering) you, your friends and your loved ones will be good and wasted! The SOTU has never been this much fun!

Gunfighter's note: is going to be a blast! I think I'll have to go buy some beer... a lot of it. However, I will avoid the hard liquor, because when good ol' GF gets a load on... it's SHOWTIME... and it ain't pretty!


Kelley said...

Too bad I read this post a little late to participate! I usually skip the live televised broadcast and just read the headlines the next day, but I have never in my life turned down the chance to play a drinking game! ;)

Gunfighter said...


You'd have been hammered! Just using a conservative count on the trigger words, and without chugging, I went through 5 beers during the speech!