Saturday, January 20, 2007

Doc Holliday v. Johnny Ringo

This is for you fans of Doc Holliday, as portrayed by Val Kilmer, in "Tombstone" (1993)

You needn't watch past the end of the gunfight... I LOVE this scene!

NOTE: Historically, it is almost certain that John "Doc" Holliday and
Johnny Ringo were in Tombstone around the same time frame. It is also certain that Doc Holliday didn't kill him, as Holliday was in Colorado at the time, being held as a suspect in another shooting.

Johnny ringo is beleived to have killed himself (but I like this version better).



Leslie said...

I prefer the hollywood version, too.

Great scene. Doc Holliday is too cool.

Grimm said...

"Your no daisy!"

One of THE great all-time movie scenes.

Great clip man. Love to see that.

Anonymous said...

Yes the movie scene is aiight but as you said gunfighter it is fictional. Just like Doc Holliday, Johnny Ringo was fearless and would not have been terrified of anyone. The reason as Holliday stated earlier on in the film that he hated Ringo was because he could see a mirror image staring back at him which made Doc become determined to kill him but the feelings were mutual. They both had a death wish as Doc had tubercolosis and Ringo suffered from severe depression. Neither of them had anything to lose.

Gunfighter said...

I wouldn't analyze this too, deeply. It's mostly fictitious.